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Security needs of local and central government

In times of limited budgets and escalating demands Cryptshare is the practical solution for the real-world digital security needs of local government and central government.

It provides the encrypted exchange of messages and data and makes correspondence with any citizen or supplier secure and confidential.

Cryptshare can be used anytime and anywhere, it is bidirectional, meaning your internal as well as any external contact partners can use it, and it has no file size limits.

Implementation is quick and easy, and users can immediately apply Cryptshare in their work, no training required.

Private citizens, local businesses, and the entire supply chain can use Cryptshare ad hoc in their exchanges with authorities at no additional costs and without any preconditions on their side.

It is intuitive, quick, and easy to use.

All that is needed is access to the internet and an email client. Cryptshare QUICK Technology provides passwordless security for users and establishes permanent secure connections for regular exchanges.

- Modernized security critical to consumer privacy -
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Electronic communication in public authorities

Authorities at the service end of government are in regular and close contact with their citizens, local businesses, and supply chain.

Such correspondence inevitably includes sensitive data and confidential information from the many use cases that government services demand and across all areas of life:

  • education
  • social care
  • community
  • healthcare

to name a few. This commonly takes place in digital form, which has the benefits of being more efficient and convenient while saving a great deal of time and money, but it also opens up local authorities to various points of attack. They need to guarantee security and confidentiality for their digital communication particularly in times when the public sector is facing a high number of cyberattacks.

Statistic Security Incidents
The public sector is disproportionately affected by security incidents (source: Statista & Verizon).
Cryptshare has proved invaluable for managing our large files. It is in daily use for file transfers. And if there is a challenge being able to refer back to the audit trail to prove delivery is extremely helpful.
John Essex
Principal Planning Officer, Derbyshire County Council
We had looked at several solutions and found them to be either very complex, very expensive or both. Cryptshare came to our attention and we could immediately see how it could solve many of our compliance and security needs. The fact that it also reduced the load on and costs of our email services was a bonus. Cryptshare has made the product really simple to use which was important for us as it allowed us to deploy the solution fast and without the need for training. If a user can use email then they can use Cryptshare. Overall the project has been a great success and a quick win, I would strongly recommend any business to try it.
Angus Macrea
IT Security Manager, Cornwall Council

Working with local government, we have learned that government authorities have many different and specialised requirements and that local government, above all organisations, have taken data security and data privacy of those they serve very seriously. We also understand, however, that austerity measures with ever tighter financial pressures do not allow much room for investments in securing digital communication. As a result, when government staff need to urgently send sensitive or large data files, they may resort to unauthorised alternative workarounds. Such workarounds and the limitations of legacy solutions can very easily result in shadow IT and data breaches.

Therefore, a practical and affordable solution is needed that bridges the gap between security requirements and the available budgetary resources. Cryptshare is a communication solution that effectively addresses real-world security needs: It protects data when most vulnerable, in transit from sender to recipient, and keeps it protected from unauthorised access by third parties.

With its integration for MS Outlook and HCL Notes, users can comfortably apply Cryptshare from their regular work environment and email, and recipients also gain access via the ubiquitous tool. Ease of use enables anyone to get in touch with authorities in a quick and safe way, and comprehensive logging delivers proof that transfers arrived at the desired recipients. This greatly enhances the users’ trust in the communication which is invaluable given citizens’ increased awareness, expectations, and scrutiny on all matters related to data security, especially in the wake of data protection legislation.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) greatly increase the focus on instances of data privacy and are emblematic of a worldwide trend towards a stronger focus on data protection

Email classifications for government

Email data classification in Outlook for government
Screenshot of protective email classifications for government

Cryptshare can be customised to perfectly fit your needs: Its operating environment can be freely selected from various options, and its operation mode is available as a virtual appliance, hardware appliance, or as an individual configuration.

Cryptshare offers valuable features such as protective email classification and many efficient and comprehensive policy settings. These can be centrally defined to meet specific internal guidelines or more customised to the multi-faceted demands of government as well as regulatory requirements for data security.

Easy traceability

The sender can easily comprehend the classification of his own message. Each protection class has a clear colour coding.

In the "Sent Items" folder and in the upload manager, he can see under which protection class his message was sent.

Government agencies securing their confidential communication with Cryptshare

Our experience is that a good idea for one authority is a good idea for many!

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Advantages of securing emails with Cryptshare

  • Encryption of email
  • No size limit for transfer of files
  • Documentation of all activity for compliance
  • No user accounts needed
  • No exchange of certificates needed
  • No software installation needed
  • All stored files encrypted
  • Encrypted transfer of files
  • LDAP Integration
  • Customizable user interface design
  • User-friendly
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • IBM Notes Integration
  • Low operating effort

How authorities get the most out of Cryptshare

By using Cryptshare, local government utilizes a familiar and universal channel of communication, email.  Each agency can integrate their own design and messaging depending on the use case. They can boost their communication and show their external correspondence partners and citizens that they take data security seriously!

Want to digitise and encrypt your communication to save costs and reduce the risks of data breaches?

Want to use comprehensive and efficient policy settings to introduce your own data classification that you can roll out for all staff?

Want to use an API for automation processes or plan on integrating exchanged data in archiving functions and document management systems?