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Hospital Düren - Customer since 2015

"Our employees can now exchange the sensitive patient data and large files much faster and more cheaply. Thus, we also meet the strict requirements of data protection. Our hospital IT infrastructure is well prepared for the future thanks to Cryptshare."

2 out of 3

doctors have sent patients‘ data via SMS*

71 %

of doctors long for a secure channel to transfer their patients‘ data*

46 %

of doctors have sent photos and x-rays by mobile phone*

28 %

of doctors believed they still had patient related information on their smartphone*

With Cryptshare, medical facilities can:

  • Exchange patients‘ data easily and securely (e.g.: base data, laboratory results, doctor's reports, radiographs, 3D scans, CT scans).
  • Quickly receive a colleague's second opinion on a diagnosis based on CT scans and radiographs.
  • Transfer laboratory results ad hoc with a full audit trail.
  • Send patients copies of their images and x-rays without having to burn them onto a CD and send them via post, and without patients needing special software to view them.
  • Securely receive patients‘ personal data.
  • Exchange settlement forms and payment documents with health insurance companies and consulting specialists.

Cryptshare works as an add-in in the e-mail clients MS Outlook and IBM Notes, or as an application on its web interface. No matter how you use the software, the communication is always encrypted and secure.

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Do your colleagues get second opinions via smartphone?

They better use Cryptshare to be compliant!

Data protection in healthcare – regulations and solutions

Staff in hospitals, doctors' offices and in other medical institutions deal with sensitive information about their patients’ every day. Information related to health is regarded as particularly sensitive and in need of protection.

As of 25th May 2018, the European General Data Protection Regulation controls the processing of EU citizens' personal data  and particularly protects the „Processing of special categories of personal data“ (article 9) to which belongs, amongst others, “data related to health” (article 4).

In case of data breaches/violations, severe penalties will be imposed.

Medical facilities must take all necessary measures to prevent the accessing of personal data by unauthorised third parties. This applies to paper files in the archive as well as to electronic files on the PC. In times of digitisation, this is an increasing challenge (regarding data protection) for doctors, nurses, therapists, and all healthcare professionals.

So how do hospitals, medical practices, and other medical facilities ensure that, in times of chip cards and digital patient records, sensitive data is only made available to those authorised? And how can it be made safe, quick, and easy? The answer is: Cryptshare.

You need to exchange large files quickly and securely?

Radiographs, CT scans, laboratory results, patient records and so on are exchanged daily within your building and with other healthcare facilities. Do you want to treat the sensitive information of your patients confidentially? Of course. And you are faced with the challenge of handling the predominantly large files safely at different locations and on different devices.

Today, information is usually exchanged by e-mail. However, when you send large amounts of data, you quickly reach size limits. Secure solutions such as S/MIME or PGP are too complicated and impractical to handle, and impose size limits, too. They are also cost-intensive.

A much faster and more cost-effective way to share large data volumes is via FTP servers and cloud solutions such as Dropbox. However, neither meets the legal requirements or regulatory framework nor the need for protection of personal data. However, these transfer options, amongst others, are used in hospitals, medical practices, and therapy centres because no practical option is available. This is called shadow IT.

Medical facilities must provide their staff with the right tools so that they can deal with the data entrusted to them in a truly responsible manner. With Cryptshare, you can exchange data of any size, completely ad hoc and highly securely.

Advantages of file transfer with Cryptshare

  • Encryption of email
  • No size limit for transfer of files
  • Documentation of all activity for compliance
  • No user accounts needed
  • No exchange of certificates needed
  • No software installation needed
  • All stored files encrypted
  • Encrypted transfer of files
  • LDAP Integration
  • Unique encryption credentials with each transfer

Why you should choose Cryptshare

IT Compliance made easy with Cryptshare

Organisations and enterprises of all kinds around the world can exchange files according to stringent compliance standards with Cryptshare thanks to:

  • E-mail encryption made simple
  • Encrypted file transfers of any size
  • A detailed audit trail of all transfers at all stages
  • Control over exchanged data with data classified by the sender
  • Malware Scans for all transfers prior to encryption

Avoiding shadow IT!

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