Cryptshare can be operated in various modes: Depending on the size of your company, your IT infrastructure, and your budget we can help you find the best fit.

Cryptshare can be delivered as a virtual appliance, a hardware appliance, or as software (On-Premises).

Below you can find more details on the available options. If you are not sure which one suits you best, feel free to contact us via phone or email.

Alternatively you can request a quote here and we will get back to you with more details.



Software installation
Virtual appliance
Hardware appliance
All editions
Administration interface
GUI adaptable to corporate design

Managed server
Root server
Virtual appliance
Hardware appliance
All editions
Administration interface

Cloud options


Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Bring Your Own License
GCP and AWS (coming soon)
All editions
Admin interface

Public Cloud (
Cloud service
Without own IT
Cryptshare Web App
Cryptshare for Outlook

The Cryptshare server license offers you full flexibility to choose your system platform and the freedom of your own individual configuration.

This is recommended for advanced users only.

For our customers, that need an own Cryptshare server with administration interface, there are various hosting providers who can run Cryptshare on their servers.

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