Email security for Outlook

strong encryption of emails and files

Every day your business exchanges a wealth of data with customers, suppliers and partners. A big part of this communication takes place via email and Outlook and is constructed in your Office applications.

However, often the information is highly confidential or captured in files that are simply too big to send via email. So what happens then?

There are many different ways to get around this problem but our advice is to use the tools you already have!

Cryptshare for Outlook enables you to

  • secure and share confidential emails and files without size restrictions
  • completely ad hoc via your regular email directly from your familiar Outlook interface.

By solving these known problems in email Cryptshare provides the fastest and most simple solution.

Secure emails and large files in Outlook


Email encryption and large attachments with Outlook

Email Encryption in Outlook

Extend the power of your Outlook

Cryptshare provides more than low cost security. Our customers report that the usability and productivity gains from using Cryptshare in their daily work life deliver far greater benefits than just financial savings. The user interface is familiar and intuitive to use and offers key functions as they are required. The interface design integrates into MS Outlook seamlessly and is focused on ease of use and a positive user experience.

No training is required. The transaction progress display bar gives the user a clear status of all current incoming and outgoing transfers.

The sidebar gives the user control over passwords, attached files and all sent and received emails. A prominent one click button enables users to send emails and large files via Cryptshare as quickly as a standard unencrypted email. Customers tell us that the Cryptshare add-in makes sending large files and sensitive information straight from their familiar email environment simple and part of their daily routine.

How to send a large file in Outlook

Get rid of email attachment file size limitations in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Warning: The file you´re attaching is bigger than the server allows. Try putting the file in a shared location and sending a link instead.

From time to time, most users need to send large files with Outlook.

When you try to send a large email in Outlook, you are faced with two file size limitations:

  1. The file size limit set by the mail server of your email recipient
  2. The file size limits set by your Outlook itself.

Outlook limits the size of email attachments to a total of 20 MB. It makes no difference whether a single file with 20 MB or several smaller files are attached;
If the total size of the email attachment exceeds 20 MB, a warning message will appear that is well-known by most Outlook users:

Microsoft Outlook Warning: The file you´re attaching is bigger than the server allows. Try putting the file in a shared location and sending a link instead.

Problems with large email attachments

Now one could certainly discuss whether one can still speak of a "large file" at 20 MB nowadays. Furthermore, this file size limit for email attachments dates back to the previous millennium.

Nevertheless, these restrictions give legitimate hints to problems resulting from large email attachments, no matter if with or without Outlook:

  1. Large emails (or emails with large attachments) cause your email recipients' storage quotas to become very busy
  2. Large attachments also burden your own email storage quota (for example, Exchange) by storing the data in the Sent Items folder.
    If you then add yourself, or perhaps work colleagues, to CC/BCC, the memory consumption can increase many times over again.

Send large files in Outlook - With Cryptshare

With our Outlook add-in "Cryptshare for Outlook", you can create your emails in Outlook as you are used to.

It extends Outlooks capabilities so you can attach very large files to your message, up to multiple gigabyte.

You don't have to take care about attachment file size limitations in Outlook anymore! The Cryptshare Attachment-Manager will be activated automatically, when the total attachment file size exceeds a previously defined threshold (5 MB by default).

The files are then not transported via email anymore, but via your Cryptshare server. Even taking the load off your and the recipient's email system. Only your system administrator can limit the size by configuration.

Send large files in Outlook with the Cryptshare add-in

Please note:
We recommend, to watch our video (File attachment handling starts at 1:05) to see how easy it is to send large files in Outlook with Cryptshare.

How to attach a folder to an email message in Outlook

How to attach a folder to an email message in Outlook


Attach folder to an email in Outlook - Enter name of ZIP archive
Attach folder to an email in Outlook - Creating ZIP archive
Attach folder to an email in Outlook - Attached ZIP archive with entire folder structure

You need to send an entire folder structure with subfolders by email in Outlook? No problem with Cryptshare!

With Cryptshare you can add whole folders, including files and subfolders to email by dragging them to the sidebar.

The Outlook add-in will suggest to create a ZIP archive in order to transfer the folder structure in its original form, including all the files in that folder and subfolders. You have the option to give the zip file a name and start with creating the zip archive by clicking "Yes".

So you do not have to create the ZIP archive yourself beforehand to send entire folder structures by email

By selecting the "No" option, all files saved in the folder structure are appended directly to the sidebar. The structure of the folders will be lost then.


Email classification in Outlook


Email Classification in Outlook - GDPR compliant data classification


Email Classification Tool for Outlook

The classification of data is an important compliance standard, which is required by the GDPR, among others.

At the same time, employees have to send data requiring different levels of protection, and individual security requirements must be applied to the transmission of this data.

With the email classification of Cryptshare, both requirements are merged into one convenient solution.

The administrator can, in accordance with legal requirements and company policies, create any email classifications, such as

  • No classification
  • Uncritical data
  • Confidential data
  • Strictly confidential data

directly linking the security level of data transmission.

For example, transfers classified as "non-critical data" could be made without a password. "Strictly confidential data" is only transferred with the highest level of password security. 

In this way, you raise awareness of critical data among your employees and at the same time provide them with a decision-making aid.

Keep on track of your secure data transfers

Everything under control with the Cryptshare for Outlook Transfer Manager

Don’t lose track of those important items! With an integrated transfer manager as a side bar into Outlook you keep full control. It shows the status of all transfers you have sent and received via Cryptshare for Outlook. Since sending a lot of items means having to manage many different passwords, an option lets you check all corresponding passwords you’ve assigned. In order to prevent storage space problems in your Outlook inbox, large files received via Cryptshare can be detached from the original mail and stored on your hard drive. The side bar provides a clear overview at all times, convenient and secure. A feature you’ll never want to do without again.

Outlook email and file transfer manager - Transfer available on server
View your passwords for each transfer
Outlook transfer manager - Download outstanding

Recall email in Outlook

Recall email in Outlook


Recall email in Outlook - Click revoke button to recall an email
Recall email in Outlook - Confirm that you want to recall the password protected transfer
Recall email in Outlook - Now you can see the recall status

Sent a message or file to the wrong recipient? No problem: recall it with Cryptshare!

This happens to everyone and can turn into a real risk, because such a mistake by any employee can become a security risk, especially for valuable data. How can you avoid accidental leaks or loss of information such as

  • Trade secrets
  • Personal data
  • Patient data
  • Constructional plans

With Cryptshare's Revoke feature, human error can be corrected even after the fact. This offers your employees a safety tool that alleviates the stress in cases where files were sent by mistake. At the same time, you significantly reduce the overall risk of data loss for your company.

The revocation function completes our protection package to prevent accidental loss of data.

- Black- /Whitelisting to prevent the dispatch to certain recipients in advance -

- Password protection of the files that are sent -

- Usage of the Revoke feature if the files have already been sent -

Password protected email and attachments in Outlook

Every email sent via Cryptshare is encrypted and protected with a password. 

You do not need to remember these passwords - you can view them at any time in the Cryptshare for Outlook transfer manager.

This password is used to protect the confidential email or mail attachment and can be set as follows:


Generate password

Password protected Email - Generate Password

This option will generate a secure password fulfilling all the requirements that the administrator has set.
The password will be shown to the user who can then copy it to the clipboard.

Enter password manually

Password protected Email - Enter password manually

This option allows you to set a password manually. The administrator can specify how secure the password has to be by defining which characteristics the password needs to fulfill.

No password

Password protected Email - Don´t set a password

This option allows you to send emails without having to deal with passwords. Cryptshare still generates a secure password in the background and uses it to encrypt the transfer.
But the password will be sent to the recipient in plain text as part of the download link in the notification email. So security is significantly lower. 

Security without password

Password protected Email - Establish a permanent secure connection

After activation, the Cryptshare QUICK Technology takes care of all passwords for the exchanges between communication partners in the background.

Send Cryptshare transfer passwords in Outlook via SMS


Send passwords for protected emails via SMS

Transmit transfer passwords to recipients via SMS - directly from Outlook

With Cryptshare, passwords for messages and files are sent separately from the original email. The SMS gateway feature is a comfortable way to exchange transfer passwords.

To send a password via an SMS message, Cryptshare users need to take only a few easy steps.

  • Simply select the option “Send password via SMS” in the transfer dialogue.
  • All available phone numbers for a given recipient are provided. The sender chooses one of these or can enter another number manually.
  • Additionally, a phone number previously copied to the clipboard can be pasted or the Outlook address book can be selected.
  • If there are multiple recipients these numbers can also be added.
  • After clicking the “Confirm” button, the email with encrypted data and the SMS message will be sent simultaneously.

Hence, the risk of human error is minimised – a real and valuable improvement in security. 

Advantages of securing email in Outlook with Cryptshare

  • Encryption of email
  • No size limit for transfer of files
  • Documentation of all activity for compliance
  • No user accounts needed
  • No exchange of certificates needed
  • Customizable user interface design
  • User-friendly
  • MS Outlook Integration
  • HCL Notes Integration
  • Low operating effort

Add permanent secure connections to your Outlook


Establish permanent secure connections in Outlook

Notification emails in your corporate design

Your communication. Your design.

Impress your communication partners not only with a high standard of security and usability, but also stay in their minds with your corporate design.

With Cryptshare for Outlook you’ll impress even down to the notification email to the recipient.

You can customize it according to your corporate design in just a few simple steps. The clearly arranged layout will give them a perfect overview of all information they need and shows you take care of security.

This will improve how your company is perceived regarding security and improve acceptance among users.

File-Transfernotification email that the recipient receives

Easy administration, more security, less cost

Cryptshare‘s powerful policy engine enables specific risks to data in your organisation to be countered and policies for use to be defined centrally from a comprehensive administration console based on defined needs.

From a central server inside your DMZ Cryptshare is, by default available to all of your email users.

You may elect to create different policies for different groups providing legal, administrative and economic advantages.

It also lets you comply with data protection guidelines easily. A self-cleansing system without the need for daily user management keeps administrative efforts low and gives your IT time to focus on other pressing tasks.

Furthermore, using Cryptshare unburdens the company’s email system and therefore offers the opportunity to save money and resources on storage and back up.

In combination with a simple pricing model return on investment for use is measurable and short.

Seamlessly integrated into Windows and Office


Multiple options to send data securely in Outlook with Cryptshare


Send to context menu in Windows - Send files- securely
Send document securely via email - Office share pane
Office share pane - Share document securely with externals

Send documents securely via "Send to" context menu in Windows and share-panes in Office

Cryptshare for Outlook users can send documents securely from within Office applications.

This means that a Word document, an Excel file or a PowerPoint presentation can be sent via "File" and "Share" with Cryptshare.

The user enters the recipients' address and the subject as usual. It's as simple as that.

Outlook is widely used by companies and enjoys a high level of user acceptance. We have integrated Cryptshare deeply into Windows and Office so that users can work in their familiar working environment.

Secure communication when you need it - for even more time savings.

E-mail encryption for Outlook

Cryptshare for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook

that automatically connects to your Cryptshare Server. Cryptshare for Outlook enables you to encrypt both the email content as well as the attachments securing both. Sending secure or large messages from Outlook is just one mouse click away.

Cryptshare for Outlook works with an MS Exchange server or any other POP/IMAP/SMTP server in the background making the normal email size restriction irrelevant since attachments are being handled by the Cryptshare server significantly reducing the burden on your email servers and saving you money.

By offering Cryptshare directly inside the primary office tool you significantly increase the use of and benefits associated to Cryptshare. Your users are encouraged to use Cryptshare more often so improving your ROI. In addition the option to encrypt both the email and the attachment brings a significant enhancement to the security of your Outlook use. It deals with all of the attachment handling making the use of Cryptshare more convenient since your staff are using the normal email workflow. Sent items are stored in the sent folder. The files are kept or replaced by file names depending on size.

  • Send encrypted emails ad-hoc to any recipient without having to exchange certificates, install software or setup user accounts in advance.
  • Send attachments of any size securely from your MS Outlook client with a simple mouse click taking the load off your email infrastructure.
  • The standard email size limit in your and in your recipient's infrastructure is no longer a handicap for successful communication with your clients and partners.
  • Send encrypted emails and large files right out of your common MS Outlook environment with just one mouse click. Cryptshare is self-explanatory - no training required.
  • Minimum administrative effort required - you don't need to set up user accounts, you don't need to exchange, install or maintain certificates and transferred files will be deleted automatically by the system.

Cryptshare for Outlook is installed into the MS Outlook client as an add-in and there are several fast and easy ways to deploy this to your users. No software installations or settings are necessary on server side. You can use an MS Exchange server or any POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail service for Cryptshare for Outlook.

The add-in communicates directly via https from the user's client computer with the Cryptshare system to hand over the attachments and retrieve download information. After the files are ready, the add-in will add the download information and send the email in the normal way.

Cryptshare for Outlook comes with an installation routine that you can use to install on your local machine or use with your software distribution system to roll out on a larger number of client computers. All settings can be pre-defined or managed centrally, so that users can start working right away. Personal configuration data can be modified by the user if required.


Email encryption and large attachments with OWA

Cryptshare for OWA - out now!

How to communicate securely in the digital workplace of the future: the new Cryptshare for OWA!

For everyone who works across platforms in a digital world.

  • More productivity through integration into the workflows of OWA users
  • No need to change tools - send confidential and large files directly from OWA
  • One central way to request files from external parties (reply links)
  • Familiar processing and organisation of Cryptshare messages
    directly in the OWA mailbox
  • Communication with anyone, anywhere - bidirectional exchanges even outside the Microsoft world

In a nutshell: secure digital communication without size restrictions conveniently in the cloud-based Microsoft OWA. Usable in many familiar desktop browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari.

Learn more about Cryptshare