Cryptshare for Notes

Secure email communication with HCL Notes

Send emails and large files encrypted with Notes

Making HCL Notes better.

A large part of the communication with customers, suppliers and partners contains confidential data that is sent unencrypted by email. Often this data is in files that are too large to be sent.

Is there a better solution?

With Cryptshare for Notes you exchange:

  • via an encrypted communication channel
  • confidential messages and
  • attachments of any size
  • directly from your familiar environment

via email, conveniently from Notes Mail.

Two modes of operation can be used in any combination:

Automatic mode

Set up server-side rules in your Domino Directory or using any third-party product that can apply rules to mail routing. Simply define which messages are to be processed by Cryptshare. If a user sends an email that is being processed by Cryptshare the user will receive a notification.

Manual mode using the Cryptshare Icon

Users may wish to use Cryptshare even though policy does not demand it, for example if very confidential information is to be sent. In this case the Cryptshare Icon in the toolbar can be used. Clicking on the toolbar icon, the Cryptshare email form will open allowing you to write your message, attach your files and set the options for your secure transfer, including the encryption of your email message as well as the files to be shared.

  • Intuitively to use
  • No size limit for attachments
  • No user accounts needed
  • Documentation of all activity for compliance
  • Virus check of all transferred files
  • Low operating effort

... sent to the wrong recipient?

No worries! Cryptshare's allows you to correct mistakes after the fact and extends your security options for accidentally sent files.

  • Black-/ Whitelisting to prevent sending to certain recipients in advance.
  • Password protection of sent files.
  • Blocking of access to files sent by mistake, even after the fact, with the revoke feature.