Why Cryptshare?

Cryptshare is innovation to protect your information when most at risk.

We all need to send messages and data in our daily business.

However, we face many limitations, as soon as data is in transit:

1. Protection of data
2. File size limitations

Our solution solves these in a very effective and user-friendly way. It brings many other benefits including:

  • Detailed audit trail
  • Compliance with central data protection regulations
  • Great potential for automating business communication

It is also inexpensive, easy to implement, and accessible from any kind of device with a browser.

Cryptshare keeps your information secure all the way.

Cryptshare Web App

Gebruikers en hun externe communicatiepartners kunnen Cryptshare via een browser gebruiken.

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Cryptshare for Outlook

Met Cryptshare voor Outlook stuur je grote bestanden en beveiligde e-mails rechstreeks vanuit Outlook.

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Cryptshare for Notes

De HCL Notes integratie maakt alle functies van Cryptshare beschikbaar in uw Notes.

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Cryptshare API

Sluit elke softwareoplossing aan die outputdocumenten maakt.

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RECARO exchanges large and sensitive data

Customer Story

RECARO Group - Customer since 2017

"Cryptshare convinced us due to its straightforward administration and its easy to use Outlook add in."