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About large file transfers

Your staff create large files in their daily work using powerful office tools and it is inside these power-points, spreadsheets, excel charts, data bases, cad files, pdfs and so on that they capture some of the most important and confidential aspects of your business. These files are quite large and with new technologies are getting larger; your staff want to use these files in many different locations and on many devices and the people with whom they share ideas are often outside your organization and the fact is the power of these ideas is most valuable when shared; and it is here you hit a serious problem.

The tool we would most likely select to share our ideas is e-mail, and e-mail simply does not handle large files well and is not secure especially beyond the boundary of your firewall. You have most likely by necessity set limits on the size of files that can be attached to e-mail and on the absolute size of e-mail storage for each member of your staff; when either of these limits are hit individuals are forced to make a choice about how to share the ideas they have been working on with others.

And here lies the problem; those choices include some safe, complex and expensive tools such as SMIME, or some less safe home built solutions such as in house ftp servers however increasingly staff are finding consumer grade e-mail and cloud services such as drop-box and g-mail the fastest ways to share what they want when they want. There are many choices that are made, some if not all of these can be found in most work places and these choices create significant risks to your organization. We will show that by removing the flaws in e-mail you dramatically reduce your risk and so remove the associated problems.



File transfer methods

Their pros and cons:

Removable Media

Removable Media

Easily lost or stolen. Very likely to turn up during waste disposal. 
More about Removable Media?



Requires management of user accounts and may be a graveyard for data.
More about FTP?


MFT Solutions

Secure but complex. Limited for ad-hoc requirements. Expensive.
More about MFT Solutions?

Courier service

Post and courier Services

Still perceived as safe, but old-fashioned, slow and expensive. 
More about Courier Services?


Secure FTP

Complex to use, time-consuming to set up and operate. May conflict with other infrastructure. 
More about Secure FTP?

Cloud services

Cloud Services

Consumer grade. Places your most sensitive data outside into the "Wild West".
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Send large files with Cryptshare:

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Exchange of large files - Advantages with Cryptshare

  • Easy to use
  • No file size limits
  • Logging of all transfers
  • Versatile at work
  • Bringing compliance
  • Making e-mail better!

Customer Feedback:

"Like many specialist engineering companies we exchange files with customers, suppliers and partners very often. By using Cryptshare we reduced the effort and the cost for these file transfers significantly. In addition Cryptshare increased safety and security of the content of the files compared to the previous use of e-mail. The very easy-to-use interface makes user acceptance of Cryptshare very fast and the acceptance of Cryptshare is so good that even in-house file transfers are now made via Cryptshare."

Klaus Knayer, Chief Information Officer
Recaro GmbH & Co. KG

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