Cryptshare Web App

Secure file exchange via browser

The Cryptshare Web App is served directly from the Cryptshare Server and is included in all available licensing editions.

It is the central point of communication and can be used from any PC, tablet, or smartphone at any time.

All you and your external communication partners need to exchange sensitive data or large files is a browser and an email address.

The Cryptshare Web App is self-explanatory and intuitively to use - No training and support necessary.

  • Intuitively to use
  • No size limit for transfer of files
  • No user accounts needed
  • Customisable user interface design
  • Virus check of all transferred files
  • Low operating effort

...sent to the wrong recipient?

No worries! Cryptshare's allows you to correct mistakes after the fact and extends your security options for accidentally sent files

  • Black-/ Whitelisting to prevent sending to certain recipients in advance.
  • Password protection of sent files.
  • Blocking of access to files sent by mistake, even after the fact, with the revoke feature.