Secure Electronic Communication

In today’s business world, fast and reliable electronic communications are key for success. Messages and files need to be exchanged with contacts around the globe at the speed of light.
For many years, e-mail was the primary solution to achieve fast and reliable communication, but our needs now go beyond the capabilities of the established e-mail we have come to use daily and rely heavily on.

Matthias Kess, technical director of befine Solutions

Matthias Kess

CTO, Cryptshare

Protect your data

Whether for private needs or for business processes the information we send and receive is often sensitive and in danger of being attacked by criminals, by competitors and by companies that commercialize the information of others - even by authorities. We need usable security mechanisms that enable us to keep our information safe. And we need to be able to control who can access it and who cannot.


The age of large file transfers

With the increasing capabilities of electronic devices, the contents we exchange is growing ever larger. We produce more and more files of greater size: images, videos, CAD files, software, database files and so on. E-Mail has not been able to keep up with this trend and limits exchanging these larger files. Under pressure we find ourselves searching for alternative ways to share this data with others often complex and less secure and usually bypassing established compliance measures in your e-mail workflow. And we really wish we had more control. We wish we could see if and when a file or a message has been delivered and who had accessed it, immediately and clearly.

Take what's already there...

Wouldn’t it be great, if our primary communication tool, our e-mail system – the one we work with every day, that we’ve come to know so well, that works across borders, and is available to us all - could just do all of this? We think it can!


...and make it better

Cryptshare makes e-mail better. It adds security, policy control, audit trail and unlimited file size to your existing e-mail infrastructure and keeps it as simple as it was before. Exchange information with anyone who has an e-mail address: quickly, securely, audited and without size limits. No software installation, no user accounts, no license or certificate required for you or for your contacts.


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Secure Electronic Communication

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What you get

The benefits of Cryptshare:

Improve security immediately

Too often you are faced with the demand to solve a problem without being granted the resources and time to actually get it done. Cryptshare is in-expensive and very easy to get started. A typical installation takes less than half a day and deployment options exist allowing you to re-use existing servers, virtual machines or simply add an appliance to the rack. Out of the box policies are delivered with the licence and customisation of the user front end takes a few minutes. If you run a trial this can go live with the simple addition of a licence key.

Build on what you have

Cryptshare solves the well-known problems of e-mail, making it better. But it does not replace this powerful and highly valued tool. You will have invested heavily in the e-mail solution you use the supporting infrastructure, archiving and storage. With Cryptshare you can solve the obvious problems experienced by users of large files and security thereby improving data governance by eliminating ad hoc use of uncontrolled channel. However you also make it possible to massively reduce the amount of data retained inside your e-mail system by the removal of attachments significantly reducing your costs.

Reducing resource demands on your e-mail server

Even a quick examination of the stored content of an e-mail user will show that a very large part of the typical mail-box storage is filled with file attachments. Often these are confidential, there are many duplicates and they may have been there for some. By removing large files, perhaps even all files we can massively reduce the storage demands of each user saving considerable space and cost.

Use from any device

Increasingly organization face staff demands for access to files and data from many kinds of devices from smartphones and tablets to laptops and home computers. It is appealing to allow a BYOD culture, but it creates many security problems. With Cryptshare any device with browser and access to e-mail can be used to send or retrieve files and messages. Whilst the use of those files may be limited by the device for example read only on tablets, being able to give secure and controlled access allows you step a little closer to the needs of your staff and managers.

No more costly file size issues

You face vast quantities of data in your work, much of it contained in large files and it is these files that you want to share to bring your work to life. But e-mail was never designed to deal with them and policies exist to block files or attachments above certain limits typically 20Mb. With Cryptshare this limit is removed, absolute file size no longer matters and storage and archiving of files no longer needs to be done inside e-mail. Your customers, suppliers and partners are able to send you larger documents with total security, quickly and in good control.

Enhanced Control

Good governance demands that a record is maintained of the things that are sent to or shared with others, you need an audit trail, policy tools and you most likely want to report to your management the types of use that occurs. With Cryptshare each transfer is accompanied by notifications to sender and recipient at each stage in the process so no more excuses, you can determine and create a range of policies and a detailed log file is retained which can be sent to your reporting tools to prove the benefits of use and ensure compliance with your rules.

Simple and intuitive to use

The most effective solutions require little or no explanation for users to get started; certainly extended training makes for long delays in releasing the value of a solution. Cryptshare requires no training and can be used immediately by anybody familiar with e-mail. The user interface and help functions can be customized to help ensure your policies are followed and even the more sophisticated functions such as user defined policies are straight forward to use. One further key advantage of Cryptshare is it can be used directly from a browser without the need for a client installation.


The Cryptshare Short Story

In the past we used post services to send letters and parcels to our family, business partners, customers and suppliers. A trusted postal service extended our reach far beyond the local community and allowed our business to expand to new markets. But, post was slow and expensive so sometimes we would just send a post card which was cheaper; but of course the postcard was not confidential, it could be read by anybody who handled it and the contents were restricted to the small size of the card.

Today we use e-mail for business and in our private lives and we love it; it is universal easy to use is available wherever and whenever we want it. But e-mail has the same problems as the postcard. It is not secure and it does not handle larger files or contents at all well. In any organisation there are many documents that need to be shared securely and often the e-mail contents are sensitive and benefit from being kept private.

There is a gap in understanding of the limitations of e-mail in many organisations and the reasons why policies exist to prevent attaching large files to e-mails. There is much evidence in business that restrictive e-mail policies drive people to take unnecessary risks in sharing information when the e-mail system tells them ‘no’. Use of disposable media, consumer grade cloud services such as Drop Box or U-send it, or complex managed file transfer and e-mail encryption tools attempt to remedy the risks but these solutions struggle to find the balance between security, ease of use and cost.

Cryptshare makes e-mail better by solving these problem in a simple and cost effective way. Cryptshare is quick and easy to install in any organisation and is easy for all to use without any training. Cryptshare is highly secure and provides a clear audit trail of who has sent what to whom and when. It also provides clear notifications to senders of when files and e-mails have been delivered to and collected by the intended recipients. No more excuses!

Cryptshare is used most often via a plug-in to your e-mail system so that it is immediately available when needed but also enables the secure sharing of information from any device with a browser and on which e-mail is used. Cryptshare makes your e-mail better by solving its known limitations and building on the undoubted value that makes e-mail our favourite communication tool. With Cryptshare e-mail is the solution not the problem.

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