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Ferag AG is a small, family-run business that in the last 60 years has fundamentally shaped and changed the manufacturing of print media all around the world with their innovative conveyor technique and processing technology. When it comes to the development, construction, and distribution of systems for print finishing, Ferag AG is the undisputed market and technology leader. 

As a contribution to increasing IT effectiveness, new technologies were also required for the exchange of large data, since the FTP solution in place at Ferag AG was utilised less and less. Data exchanges required a significant effort, because a separate FTP account had to be created for each data transfer between an employee and their data exchange partner. This effort resulted in shadow IT, meaning the usage of unauthorised IT solutions, and risk management needed to address this in a serious way. In the business domain, employees increasingly used data storages and file sharing platforms they knew from home, such as Wetransfer and Dropbox.

To replace their outdated FTP solution, Ferag AG required a tool that employees could use with little training, ad hoc with their partners, and without contacting the internal service desk. The solution also needed to be able to handle the transfer of unlimited volumes of data, as disk images were sometimes transferred this way as well.

Quick implementation and high user acceptance

In a trial operation, the Cryptshare platform was set up, put into operation, adapted to the corporate design, and tested and embedded in the intranet and extranet within one week. As a result, the solution was available to all employees and their data transfer partners in no time. Thanks to Cryptshare’s intuitive user interface, a simple flyer was all that was needed for information and instructions.

User acceptance was high, meaning Cryptshare could replace old solutions, such as FTP, USB flash drives, or burning CDs, very quickly Additionally, by introducing Cryptshare the service desk could be relieved immediately because it could be used without interacting with IT and without installing any local programmes.

Since training, data cleansing and installing programmes are no longer necessary it can be run with very little effort. As a result, Cryptshare allows valuable resources to be used elsewhere, so that the core task of revolutionising the manufacturing of print media can continue.


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