66 %

affected by cyber attacks *

32 %

suffered production or operating loss due to cyber attack *

7 %

suffered theft of sensitive data by cyber attack *

62 %

think that the measures taken to protect against cyber attacks are inadequate *

Exchange sensitive files securely with all your communication partners

You can achieve information security, data protection, availability, and ultimately operational security – giving more quality for you, your cooperation partners and your customers by securing digital communication with Cryptshare. If you exchange data with other companies and different communication partners every day? Then it's time for Cryptshare.

Cryptshare in Mechanical Engineering - Use Cases:

  • Exchanges of design data (CAD files)
  • Exchanges of financing documents (auto banks, leasing companies)
  • Exchanges between designer and prototype builders
  • Exchanges of confidential print documents (prospectuses before publication)
  • Integration into ERP for sending e-mails with attachments e.g. orders, CE certificates, material standards, etc.
  • Exchanges in marketing (pictures, videos, printed flags, animations)
  • Exchanges of data with test locations in different countries
  • Exchanges with mechanical engineers with regard to planned production lines
  • Exchange of personal information on a digital basis (payroll accounting, contracts)
  • Exchange channel for the works council

Advantages of file transfer with Cryptshare

  • Encryption of email
  • No size limit for transfer of files
  • Documentation of all activity for compliance
  • No user accounts needed
  • No exchange of certificates needed

Clients that use Cryptshare

Data security in manufacturing

Be in control of your data

Cryptshare encrypts files both during transmission and during storage. This ensures that the data is kept within secure limits and can only be viewed by the intended recipients. A detailed log is made about who has sent and received which information and when this has taken place.

Easy to use

The pathways for transmission for passwords and notifications are different. This represents an additional level of security. Critically the solution is easy to understand and use. Anyone who can use e-mail, can use Cryptshare. The company does not have to provide the recipient with user accounts, client software, or access points. Also, the elaborate creation and mutual exchange of public keys like S / MIME and PGP is not necessary.

Value for money

Save time and money with Cryptshare: automate communication processes with Cryptshare, replace old, complex security solutions with a simple and cost-effective solution, and thus meet compliance requirements extremely cost-effectively. The communication solution is used by numerous small and large companies, with licenses available from 10 mailbox domains and up to large companies from the mechanical engineering and engineering sector as well as by their suppliers of all sizes. There are no license fees for external receivers or transmitters. In addition, Cryptshare avoids the usual administrative overhead since no user administration is necessary. This relieves your e-mail system and your IT infrastructure. Our attractive price model makes Cryptshare a sound investment in your future security requirements.

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Case study Trio of ergonomics, function and aesthetics drive user adoption

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Trio of ergonomics, function and aesthetics drive user adoption

RECARO was searching for a user-friendly and secure platform for data exchange to consolidate existing systems and to offer users an alternative to USB sticks...

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Case study Easy and secure exchange of large volumes of data

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Easy and secure exchange of large volumes of data

To replace their outdated FTP solution, Ferag AG required a tool that employees could use with little training, ad hoc with their partners, and without contacting the internal service desk...

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Case study Exchanging Large Files and Sensitive Information in Industrial Production

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Exchanging Large Files and Sensitive Information in Industrial Production

Like many manufacturing companies Ohio Gratings initial requirement was to find a solution that would enable the senior management to transfer encrypted financial data, business proposals and HR information via email and file attachments...

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Case study Sicherer Datenaustausch in der Automobilindustrie

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Sicherer Datenaustausch in der Automobilindustrie

Um Daten wie z.B. Produktvideos, Bilder, Marketingmaterial, Powerpoint Präsentationen, vertrauliche Mails u.v.m. zu übertragen, sind die Mitarbeiter oft auf Oneclick-Hoster, FTP und andere Tools ausgewichen...

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Case study Sicherer Datenaustausch für Automobil- & Elektroindustrie

Case study

Sicherer Datenaustausch für Automobil- & Elektroindustrie

More and more often employees came to the IT department with the wish to have data burned onto a CD to be able to send it by post. All this cost valuable time and was a source of error. In addition, the Exchange mailboxes were bulging with data transfers, high storage costs and longer backup times were the result... (German)

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Cryptshare provides:

  • Simple, secure, comprehensible ad-hoc exchange with partner agencies, external sellers, suppliers, customers
  • Risk reduction of cyber attacks to a negligible extent
  • Automate the communication exchange using the CS Robot Java API and .NET API
  • Relieve the strain on your employees by admin-driven policy rules and protective e-mail classification
  • Compliance requirements (GDPR, sector-specific and company-specific) are easy to fulfill
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): in the case of an accidentally incorrectly selected recipient, the transmitted data remain protected since only the correct recipient knows the agreed password. Analysis by external DLP solution possible before or after data upload (reverse proxy server / pre-processing)

How does Cryptshare work? The answer in 2 minutes!

This short animation will show you how to send confidential messages and large files with Cryptshare.

You will learn where the Cryptshare server is located, what happens when a user initiates a transfer, how it is delivered to the recipient(s) and how the sender will be notified when his files have been downloaded.

* Source: Cyber Security Suvey 2016 by Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

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