Cryptshare QUICK Technology has been created as a feature for the widely used email and secure file sharing solution Cryptshare and is patent pending globally.
QUICK Technology solves the age-old issue of exchanging passwords or keys used to protect encrypted files and emails.

What is QUICK and why do I need it?

The classic approach to encryption of email and shared files is to use a pair of mathematically linked keys, one to encrypt the second to decrypt. Most often this is called PKI due to the way the keys are shared. One is published, the second is held privately. Whilst it is possible to achieve high levels of security by this method the challenge of ensuring keys are where they need to be when they are needed causes a huge administrative cost, and complexity.

Quick technology uses a single key, and a shared secret which can be used to activate that key. After the first use by a sender and recipient all future use is protected by a permanent secure communication between them suitable for files of any size or kind and emails. The reason you need QUICK is that once you have established a secure connection with somebody you do not need to remember or use passwords in the future making security as simple as it can possibly get.

Cryptshare QUICK Technology


What will QUICK replace?

QUICK technology eliminates the need to exchange onetime single-use passwords between sender and recipient each and every time a transfer is made, or the use of static key pairs that are so often breached. It also removes the need for shared infrastructure, federated key agreements or key stores. Together with Cryptshare all legacy PKI/SMIME, FTP and SFTP systems, and many MFT solutions can be replaced. Critically and unlike widely used PKI type solutions the sender does not to set up or impose any infrastructure to manage or maintain encryption keys, so costs are dramatically reduced for sender and recipient, implementation is quick and easy, and the user experience is seamless. Ad hoc use is standard.

Does QUICK work with other technology that I use?

Cryptshare and by extension QUICK are designed to work closely with your existing email system since email is a universal standard and unlikely to disappear any time soon. The known problems of email are solved by Cryptshare, QUICK provides the icing on the cake making use absolutely simple.

During the first transfer between two participants, a secret is automatically exchanged, which is used to generate an individual one-time passkey for all future transfers between the sender and recipient. The recipient side can automatically derive and apply this password without having to exchange it with the sender.

1. Sender activates QUICK and offers the recipient a permanent secure connection.
(as seen here in Outlook)

2. The recipient can see the senders' QUICK connection offer on the download page.
(as seen here on the Cryptshare web application)

3. Both sender and recipient have activated QUICK and will no longer need passwords for sending secure e-mails or exchanging files. 

Can QUICK save me money?

Yes, in many ways. Retiring legacy systems, reducing licence and system costs, reducing the costly alternative channels used by your teams including snail mail and couriers, and by altering the volume of data held in your email servers, that is backed up and archived. QUICK is part of your Cryptshare licence, a domain wide Cryptshare installation is inexpensive and can be up and running in matter of hours.

Will my staff accept QUICK?

Your staff will love it. It will save them time and allow them to work with an application that they all know well and love, email. They will not need to be trained to use it, only having the need for securing more data more often explained. Whilst providing the highest levels of security to all it will become invisible to the individual users quickly, hence the name.

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