Impossible? Orgacon engineers do it every day. It's one of their easiest tasks. All they need is a house design and the right technology.

"Right, it’s all in the box" says Mr. Winterhalder as he connects the Leica Disto S910 to his laptop. "Now, off you go to the office." His laptop recognizes the laser distance measuring device and with drag & drop Mr Winterhalder transfers the detailed data of a house and sends it from the construction site to his colleagues in the office. He opens his Outlook program, types in a subject and a short message, drags the folder with the 1.2 GB files into the sidebar and clicks on send. "That’s it. Let's go for lunch," he says, closes his laptop and puts it away.


Mr. Winterhalder works for orgacon, a service provider for the real estate industry. He and his colleagues not only measure houses, apartments, rooms and non-residential buildings, but also offer their customers additional services such as consulting, planning, plan service, software training and service - always tailor-made and individual solutions for the real estate industry. Their customers - mostly housing cooperatives, architecture offices, city administrations and municipalities - enjoy working with this medium-sized company from southern Germany. Everything runs like a clockwork. The processes are precisely built onto each other and the employees know their trade and practice it with passion. They are supported in their work with state-of-the-art technology. Everything runs digitally at orgacon. Floor plans and measurements are digitally recorded and then visualized on the computer as animation and model views with the help of powerful software. Handling gigabyte-sized files is part of the daily business.


"Housing companies work with a variety of service providers. The volume of data they have to process every day is considerable. In working with us, we keep hearing that they appreciate the fast processes and that everything is so straightforward." reports Wolfgang Günther, Managing Director of orgacon. Just over a year ago, two of his employees were busy burning the data onto CDs and then sending them to project partners and customers. He wanted to optimize this lengthy process for data exchange. Since the introduction of Cryptshare, CD burning has come to an end. Employees simply send the documents by secure e-mail. To do this, they use their Outlook client as usual. The only difference is that sending files now works without size restrictions thanks to the Cryptshare Outlook integration. All construction plans, floor plans, plan measurements, etc. are transferred from the sender via the Cryptshare server to the recipient - effortlessly with just a few clicks.


As early as the beginning of 2018, long before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered completely into force in May 2018, orgacon also had the protection of personal data under control. Each transmission is encrypted with Cryptshare and can also be classified according to the sensitivity of the information. Read how orgacon uses protective e-mail classification in the case study.

Mr Winterhalder and his colleague had another appointment this afternoon about 60 km south of Freiburg, near the Swiss border. Without having to drive to the office in Freiburg, they took the measurements in a ground-floor apartment in a quiet residential area and send it again as an attachment via Cryptshare to the office in Freiburg. "So, that's enough for today." Mr. Winterhalder is happy, he stows all the equipment away, throws his bag over his shoulder and calls to his boss: "Come on Wolfgang, let's have a after work beer, I’ll buy!".

Read the case study of orgacon here.