As a German software vendor we will take part in and showcase our products to 10.000 people who are meeting at the largest IT security trade fair in Europe from 10th to 12th October 2017.

We will present numerous innovations of our communication solution, Cryptshare. Additions include an archiving & document management system interface, new e-mail classification capabilities, an automated delivery interface, a fresh web application design, and much more.

New interface for archiving and document management systems

It is a nightmare for IT admins: their colleagues bypass company regulations to exchange large files by using tools they know from their private life e.g. USB sticks, file sharing solutions or public cloud storage where these communication approaches are neither secure nor provide a full audit trail. With Cryptshare you can exchange large files securely, and easily. This year we have added a new feature so that now you can hand over files to your existing archiving and DMS systems via an interface and with the help of check sums, you can prove if messages and files were manipulated whilst stored.

New features for e-mail classification

Cryptshare‘s protective e-mail classification allows users to classify and send data according to the sensitivity of their contents. Data classification is an important compliance standard asked for by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The regulation will come into full effect 25th May 2018. More precisely in healthcare this means strictly confidential patient data must be sent encrypted with a one-time password and with a traceable acknowledgement of receipt.

This function has been widened: classification is now logged by the server and the administrators are now able to see which level of classification was selected by the user, and IT admins can now define different actions for different types of content.

Interface for automatic retrieval of data

Data can now be retrieved automatically by computer systems from the Cryptshare server. The systems retrieving data, first need to be authorised for a polling process before they can be timed to retrieve all new files that are available for them on the server on a business schedule defined by the client.

This new function helps hospitals, accounting centres or laboratories when large image and video files should be transferred automatically to computer systems instead of to real e-mail recipients without them being retrieved manually by an employee improving security and network utilisation.

Sending e-mails made even easier

At it-sa we will show numerous changes in „Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook“. In the new version recipients and senders will see which level of classification a message has so they may take that into account when forwarding, processing and archiving the message. Sending a confidential message to the wrong recipient by accident cannot happen anymore. The group of recipients can now be steered and controlled by the classification. For example, if the classification “HR department internal” is selected, the message can be sent exclusively to employees belonging to this group of recipients.

To make life even easier we created the drop down menu „send-to“: Up to now you could only send files via Cryptshare from your e-mail program or browser. Now you can send them straight from your file explorer as well as from MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint.

New Version 4 and what is in store…

We will have you queue for Cryptshare version 4, which will come out in 2018. This version will have a completely reworked user interface a highly responsive design and include a function currently pending for patent which we will tell you more about in the coming months. Secure communication between users exchanging data on a regular basis will become far easier than ever before.

We invite you to come and see us at the it-sa IT security expo from 10th to 12th October 2017. We will show you our web application in the new design. Take the opportunity totalk to our experts about thelatest security topics and the challenges you are facing as IT admin, DPO, CEO of big, small and medium-sized enterprises. You can find our colleagues inhall 10 at stand 10.0-409, together with other IT security companies and our partner TeleTrusT, the IT Security Association Germany.