More comfort for admins, even more security and an even better audit trail when exchanging data for your users. Cryptshare version 3.12. offers a new modern interface and fresh features that make our communication solution even more performant and powerful.

Cryptshare archiving & DMS interface

You can achieve IT compliance much more comfortably from now on. With the new Cryptshare archiving & DMS interface you can work with your existing archiving and document management systems. All incoming and outgoing files and messages that are transferred with Cryptshare can now be handed over to your archiving or DMS system in plain text and be stored and/or processed there.

The interface can be implemented easily and quickly and guarantees smooth data processing. Having implemented the archiving and DMS interface you fulfil the demand for archiving of data - an important requirement of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - easily, comfortably and extremely economically.

With the help of check sums the authenticity of messages and documents is made robust and uniquely provable. Changes or manipulations can now easily be detected. To learn how the Cryptshare archiving & DMS interface works please click here.

Interface for automatic retrieval of data

You want to spread master data files onto your POS systems, provide production machines with new data sets from afar or receive and automatically process measurement and analysis data from your clients? With the Cryptshare interface for automatic retrieval of data you can do that easily, securely and with a full audit trail. How to retrieve messages and news from the Cryptshare server automatically? You can read all about it here.


We are continuously working to improve our product and our support! Information on how our clients use Cryptshare help us to do that. Therefore, your Cryptshare server – your agreement provided - can now transfer certain information to Befine Solutions AG.

Via telemetry statistical data such as the number of incoming and outgoing transfers or incoming and outgoing transfer volumes can be sent to us. We use this statistical data, to better understand the user behaviour of our customers so as to improve our product to handle performance demands and scale.

For our new customers, the option is enabled by default and can be deactivated manually. With our existing customers, the option is deactivated by default. They can support us by enabling the function. How and which data is being transferred you will learn here.