Enterprises in the digital world

Today, most enterprises have successfully arrived in the digital world. They have realised digitisation’s great potential, understanding that they can only benefit from it if they embrace the coming changes. Naturally, digitisation’s transformative powers also confronted enterprises with challenges that needed to be mastered. And mastered they were – now, enterprises produce digital data of all kinds and formats in vast volume, routinely transferring it across their own firewalls.

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Cryptshare AG launches QUICK Technology

Cryptshare AG is proud to announce the release of patent-pending innovation eliminating the need for users to manage passwords for regular exchanges between communication partners, Cryptshare QUICK Technology. Included in the latest Cryptshare release on 25 June, QUICK ends all password troubles for users, establishing permanent secure connections, and at long last combines security for all data in transit with simplified usability.

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Sending files securely from Microsoft Dynamics with Cryptshare for NAV

Announcing another new extension for Cryptshare. Cryptshare partner, Orgavision, has made it possible to use Cryptshare directly from Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. With Cryptshare for NAV, files of all sizes can be sent securely and with all the usual benefits that Cryptshare has to offer.

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befine Solutions AG became Cryptshare AG

On the 7th of May 2019, befine Solutions AG changed its company name to Cryptshare AG. In these times of so many new product developments and with a growing product family, it was time to reflect their significance to the company in the name as well as making the main tagline reflect Cryptshare’s full scope of applications.

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Email’s 50th anniversary: Email is dead? Long live email!

While the use of email as we know it today has really taken off in the last 25 years or so, its underlying technology has been around for much longer. Email will turn 50 years old this year. Most remarkable, perhaps, is the fact that not only does it still work extremely well, but in fact email is the most popular tool for business communication by far. And this is unlikely to change anytime, soon.

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Can today’s encryption withstand quantum computers?

The technology of quantum computing offers many new and unprecedented possibilities for what technology is capable of doing. While ‘regular’ digital computers eventually run into problems posed by the laws of physics, quantum computers work differently and possess far superior computing powers. As a result, there are considerable implications for security regarding encryption and decryption of data.

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New update – Cryptshare Server with free Java 11 variant and simplified download section

On 25 February, Cryptshare Server Update v4.2.0 was released, including many new feature changes as well as various performance improvements and bugfixes. The runtime environment was upgraded from Java 9 to Java 11. Although Oracle now charges for its Runtime Environment, there will be no additional costs for Cryptshare customers.

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After the successful launch of in Germany, befine Solutions AG has now introduced its SaaS solution in the Netherlands. With this cloud service, secure and compliant e-mail is now easily and immediately accessible to smaller enterprises with up to 25 employees in just a few clicks!

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Cryptshare at RSA 2019

The RSA Conference in San Francisco is the world’s leading IT security event. It offers a platform for the fruitful exchange of ideas and presents the latest innovations in the industry. RSA 2019 also features leading experts in the field of cybersecurity who bring valuable insights as keynote speakers. From 4 March to 8 March, befine Solutions AG will join the event and present “IT security made in Germany” for the second year. The focus this year will be on Cryptshare QUICK Technology, which will be released in the coming weeks, and on, our cloud-based SaaS solution for enterprises with up to 25 employees needing to secure e-mail and files in transit.

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Collections #1-5: An Assessment

The year 2019 has just started but already there has been major news of IT security breaches that have made headlines: Collection #1 and Collections #2-5 that followed shortly thereafter. They showed once again how much e-mail is targeted by hackers and cybercriminals and how important it is to take e-mail security seriously to protect yourself and especially your data from attacks.

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