Solving the problems that need to be solved, no more no less;
10 practical considerations for a successful e-mail encryption project.

Or... `Help your CFO to love Cryptshare!´

Table of contents:

  1. Place the tools to encrypt in the place where your staff work.
  2. Take this opportunity to save money, downsize mail file storage.
  3. Enable all of your e-mail users, don’t create gaps.
  4. Send your confidential data by the most direct route, and use a unique password for each transaction.
  5. Use one technology for all use cases.
  6. Don’t let users define policies, take control.
  7. Let your correspondents know you care about security.
  8. Make it easy for your senders and recipients, but set the rules for passwords.
  9. Use the latest and most suitable encryption algorithms.
  10. Archive your data then encrypt each transaction with unique credentials.

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