HIPAA Compliance

Security of patient data regarding data protection

HIPAA Compliance Email Communication

Companies in the health care sector are often very large and their service facilities scattered over a wide area. A critical factor for good results in healthcare to have all information for a patient's treatment available on site. Often, many people who work in different departments and disciplines are involved.

At the same time, up to date patient data is frequently needed on short notice. Strict regulation pertaining to the confidentiality of personal data presents a challenge to healthcare facilities. With Cryptshare, you will find it easy to meet these requirements, for a low cost and with fast benefits. 

Medical facilities have been looking for a way to comply with these new laws, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), or other compliance guidelines. Just like the German Data Protection Act, HIPAA provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information in the public health sector in the United States. It also secures the handling of electronic patient data and "Protected Health Information" (PHI). This data is sensitive and confidential, yet many medical facilities send them as open documents via email both internally and to vendors.


  • Submission of the health care claim billing information by medical specialists, chiropractors or dentists, etc.
  • Encounter information 
  • Claims to payment partners (pharmacies e.g.)
  • Treatment data, result reports or diagnosis between medical facilities
  • Storage of patient data via cloud-solutions 

    Constant changing of laws in the healthcare sector is very challenging for medical facilities, particularly regarding daily transfers of sensitive data. At the same time, the strict HIPAA allows all medical facilities that work with patient data outside the United States to use new methods to improve the security of electronic data transfer.

    As a healthcare provider, you are now facing the challenge of finding an IT solution that adheres to the compliance guidelines and HIPAA requirements. It also needs to have a high adoption rate with users and a flexible licensing model. How can Cryptshare help you meet HIPAA requirements? How can you avoid security breaches in the future?

    Compliance with HIPAA - how can Cryptshare help you?

    The integration of Cryptshare into your daily email usage (Office tools, such as Outlook or Notes) helps create best practices for email security. (For example in tele-medicine).

    With our solution of encrypted email delivery of sensitive information and large data, we support medical facilities in meeting the compliance guidelines and in securing hospital IT.

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