You are fighting for more social justice, freedom of the press and a cleaner environment?

We will support you and your organisation!

Non-profit organisations can use our product, Cryptshare pro bono.

What does that mean?

We offer Cryptshare on highly reduced conditions to non-profit organisations so that they can send their digital data without size limits and exchange sensitive information with all communication partners securely, ad-hoc and very easily.


Learn more about our pro bono Cryptshare licenses. – Our CEO Dominik Lehr explains how it all works:

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Dominik Lehr

Lehr: All organisations that work towards making our world a better place such as a charity or not for profit can apply for it. This can apply to the most diverse areas of our lives: It does not matter if an association works to save our planet, for humans or animals. They are all welcome to ask us for a reduced license fee.

Lehr: We support organizations that work globally or locally. A Cryptshare pro bono license starts at 25 personalized mailboxes and theoretically goes to infinity. We offer different packages depending on the organisations financial model and the license duration.

Lehr: You can use our solution as an add-in in Office 365 & Outlook or IBM Notes. Cryptshare is also available as a web application. Interfaces make automated dispatch possible. The fee depends on what is needed or desired and whether you order Cryptshare for the period of one year or for three years. Non-profit organisations may order directly from us or via specialist sales partners – Best to ask us for our generously reduced pro bono licenses.

Lehr: No. We offer 100% service at a very low price. This is our contribution for a better and a more just – also more secure – world. Non-profit organisations should be able to concentrate on their work: drive inclusion of new ideas in schools, re-timber our forests, investigate corruption and make it public, stop the destruction of the bees – each charity has their mission and their goals. To achieve them is hard enough. Besides these driving issues organisations, need to deal with the progression of digitalisation which offers many advantages, but carries dangers too as we can learn from the recent ransomware attacks Petya/NotPetya and Ordinypt this year.

Or take the subject of privacy: legislation has rightly developed in favour of consumers in recent years. This is positive, no doubt! At the same time this means extra effort for companies and organisations in completing their digital communications strategy. GDPR demands  that organisations to process their data according to the latest state of the art methods from May 2018 onwards. We can make our contribution by supporting non-profit organisations so that they can exchange their data encrypted and securely and transfer and process data of any size easily and ad-hoc.

Lehr: Definitely! Each transfer is encrypted by a unique key and password. It makes no difference if a global corporation sends their patented ideas with Cryptshare or if an NGO exchanges explosive details about corrupt politicians with journalists. We would be proud to see the next paradise papers being discovered and made public with the help of Cryptshare! Sure, it would be better if such papers did not exist but unfortunately the world is not like that. Therefore, we would like to support organisations that fight to make the world a better place and offer them our solution Cryptshare at highly reduced rates.