After the successful launch of in Germany, befine Solutions AG has now introduced its SaaS solution in the Netherlands. With this cloud service, secure and compliant e-mail is now easily and immediately accessible to smaller enterprises with up to 25 employees in just a few clicks!

When it comes to the secure exchange of sensitive information, small businesses face the exact same problem as large corporations. They have to secure their communication and comply with data protection, but with fewer resources for successfully doing so. Fulfilling central GDPR requirements and industry-specific regulations, such as NTA7516 in healthcare, often presented a barrier in the Netherlands. However, not having big budgets or deep expertise in IT security no longer excludes small enterprises from secure business communication. is an affordable cloud service, easy to use and tailor-made for the needs of small businesses. It is based on the well-known and popular solution Cryptshare and does not require owning any IT infrastructure or employing the services of IT experts. Signing up takes a few moments and set up is a snap.

All that is needed for is internet access and an e-mail account. It works with any e-mail client and offers many browser integrations, such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox, and it can be used bidirectionally.

All information that is sent with is encrypted and temporarily stored on a secure server; once the transfer has been completed, it is automatically deleted. For in the Netherlands, all of the information is stored on an in-country server; therefore, it is in compliance with Dutch laws and regulations. 

Previously unsatisfied business needs of small enterprises in the Netherlands are now met with Lucien Barink, General Manager Benelux for Cryptshare, remarks on the relevance of for small Dutch enterprises: “There are tens of thousands of small enterprises in the Netherlands. Since the introduction of the GDPR, they all have faced the challenge of how to comply with the new data protection regulations. What they need is a simple solution for continuing to do their work. in the NL has been launched just in time. With our SaaS solution, small enterprises can share sensitive information without worrying about data security or compliance with data protections.”