Not only your employees, but also some of your systems generate sensitive data and large files that need to be exchanged securely with contacts outside or inside your company.

Even though these systems can be linked to email, there are many files and data that you probably don’t want to exchange unprotected or that are simply too large for sending them this way.

Automated transfers via Cryptshare

Automate your file transfers for mass distribution, one to many or many to many.

Using the Cryptshare automation tools, file transfers can take place as time-triggered or event-triggered actions to single recipients or to distribution lists.

These tools are used for distributing commercial materials, statements of account, batch clinical records, contract changes and so on.

When large volumes of data need to be sent, but security and compliance issues exist, Cryptshare solves these issues.


How to save resources through automation

Typical use cases

for the Cryptshare automation tools include:

Business Process Automation via automated File transfers

From your file system: sending documents and files such as catalogues, technical descriptions, software updates or manuals to clients or business partners whenever new versions of these are available.

From your ERP system: deliver orders, order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices etc. to clients or business partners automatically whenever these documents get generated by your ERP system.


From your website or web shop: deliver documents to your client in a secure and traceable way, for example documents or files that have been selected for download, generated by your web application or purchased from your shop.


From your HR system: send payslips or commission statements to your employees securely.

Automation choices

To connect your systems to Cryptshare and the realization of a safe, automatic information dispatch you have different options:

Cryptshare Robot

Cryptshare Robot is a sleek command line tool, which allows you to initiate the automatic transfer of files out of the file system. The use of Cryptshare Robot requires no advanced programming skills. Scripting expertise at operating system level is sufficient. To Cryptshare Robot documentation.

Cryptshare .NET API

The .NET API allows a deep integration of the secure communications functions of Cryptshare into applications based on MS.NET languages. To .NET API documentation.
(.NET development knowledge required)

Cryptshare JAVA API

The JAVA API allows a deep integration of the secure communications functions of Cryptshare into applications based on Java. To Java API documentation.
(Java development knowledge required).

Integrate your solution now

The Cryptshare Java SDK package provides the optimal environment to start quickly

Interface for automatic retrieval of data

We have further extended the capabilities for automatic retrieval of files and messages from the Cryptshare Server. You can now retrieve data with the help of a script or a program without having to receive and evaluate an incoming notification email first.

An email address needs to be defined to address the device that should be able to receive automatically (e.g. This email address then needs to be verified only once on the device. To do that the device does not necessarily have to be able to receive emails.

The code can be received on a different way and be inserted manually on the device.

The device can poll the Cryptshare server if there are new transfers ready to be retrieved for this email address and can download them automatically. An incoming email serving as a trigger is no longer necessary.

After the download, the data can be automatically processed further by the receiving device.

Using this feature, you can now spread master data files onto your POS systems, provide production machines with new data sets from afar or receive and automatically process measurement and analysis data from your clients. Cryptshare helps you to master these requirements and put them into practice - easily, securely and with a full audit trail.

Automation Insights

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