Companies and the public are confronted with an ever increasing volume of electronic communication. Messages and files containing sensitive information need to be exchanged securely and conveniently around the globe.

Consumer platforms and apps, mostly financed through collection of data and advertising, steadily grow and extend their reach.

Meanwhile, organisations see themselves confronted with multiple challenges and threats: Criminals, competitors and foreign governments want to get hold of their sensitive data.

Email is unsecure like a postcard

Unsecure and readable for everyone - Why you should encrypt emails

In this video we talk about the importance of secure emails. Cryptshare is your expert in large file transfer, sending big files, data loss prevention same as secure and encrypted email.

This Cryptshare video compares the security of a common email with sending a postcard on vacation.
You will be surprised how much they have in common:

1. Readable: Everybody can read them freely.
2. Limited file size: Big attachments and long messages simply don't work.
3. Lack of control: You do not control the road from yourself to the recipient and you do not know what happens to your message along the way.

Cryptshare believes that there is a better way for digital communication and for this reason Cryptshare found a solution for digital security that everyone can use.

Email encryption - A legal requirement for the most companies

In order to protect businesses and their clients, there are laws, regulations and internal compliance standards that have to be followed.

  • the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs)

are just three of many examples in the field.

Aside from such general regulations there are also topic- and industry-specific laws like the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that makes sure that patients’ data are handled in a secure way or in the real estate business, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulates the privacy of clients, the NTA 7516 for the WvGGZ in the Netherlands.

While these are only a few examples there is an increasing tendency for more laws and specific regulations to come.

Why most business emails are sent unencrypted anyway

While employees are used to the convenience of consumer grade technologies, those tools rarely comply with carefully established security standards and privacy regulations. Current available technologies such as S/MIME or PGP are often too complicated to install and use, leave metadata vulnerable and do not solve the problem of exchanging large file attachments. Professional solutions that try to resolve those issues can be very costly and are typically complex.

Despite the eroding myth of regular email as a secure communication tool for messages and files, most emails are sent unencrypted, and business emails are certainly no exception to that.

A closer look reveals that for most users the majority of encryption solutions are simply not an option because their implementation requires too much (technical) effort.

The prime example: S/MIME and PGP.

Putting aside the complicated implementation of S/MIME and PGP, all communication partners who did not go through this complex process fall by the wayside and continue to be excluded from encrypted communication.

Cryptshare, however, works without any hurdles and offers many additional beneftits.

Email encryption with SMIME PGP has limited scope, GDPR risk

Advantages of securing email with Cryptshare

  • Encryption of email
  • No size limit for transfer of files
  • Documentation of all activity for compliance
  • No user accounts needed
  • No exchange of certificates needed

Email encryption made comfortable

Cryptshare QUICK Technology combines security for data in transit with convenience for users

Usability has always been a key aspect, so effort for users is kept to an absolute minimum. Newly released Cryptshare QUICK Technology takes this one step further and combines security for data in transit with convenience for users.

Once activated with just a few clicks, it makes protecting regular exchanges between communication partners effortless. All transfers are secured with unique and system-generated one-time keys, not just one key pair as is the case with S/MIME and PGP.

Since these keys are automatically generated by the system and meta data such as subject lines can be sent encrypted as well, the risk of social engineering attacks is reduced dramatically.

In conclusion, while S/MIME and PGP may be the first things that come to mind when thinking about email encryption, they are certainly neither the most user-friendly nor the securest solutions.

For users who want to use encryption to protect their data in transit, they present too many obstacles for successful implementation.

For secure business communication, a reliable solution is needed that is transparent, removes barriers, and can be used by anyone straight away.

Only then can email encryption truly go mainstream.

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Encrypted emails in Outlook

Send and receive emails securely with Cryptshare for Outlook

In this video you will learn how easy it is to exchange encrypted email and large files via Outlook with Cryptshare.

Pros and Cons of the email

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Universally available but insecure and can't handle large files. Click on the following panels to learn more.

Email is already the backbone of communications in most companies it is established and effective and so unlikely to change and it is paid for already. Cost increases when very large data stores are allocated for each user and when policies for use are breached so these need to be managed.

Unless supplemented by expensive and complex encryption email is not secure. Beyond enterprise boundaries loss of confidential information in email is one of the most common security and compliance breaches.

Good governance demands some level of incremental security above that provided in email. This may be though classification of data such that inly the least secure need is handled by email and all other transactions are through a stronger specialist mechanism.

Email is very easy to use which is its strength and its weakness. It is easy so it is used by us all, all the time. But we sometimes assume it is secure and so use it for the wrong kinds of communication.

Encrypted E-mail

Encrypted email (PGP & S/MIME)

Secure but expensive. Never available when you need it. Doesn't solve the problems of large files.

Complex and expensive and suited better to security between known senders and recipients encrypted email is very expensive to buy to install to administer and to run. Whilst the cost is high there is no doubt of the strength of security offered albeit with lost flexibility.

Encryption of emails and file attachments is end to end and so highly secure. By not helping the ad hoc transfers there is a risk of breach by use of removable media when this demand arises.

Because of the high cost, inflexibility and slow execution encrypted email is often not deployed in favor of greater flexibility. In particular the fact of needing a client to exchange files creates a significant weakness as real world needs extend into third party companies.

For the user inside the domain ecrypted email is simple to use once set up. However if the requirement is to exchange files or emails beyond the firewall things are not so easy. Furthermore first set up is very complex and time consuming.

Encrypted emails in Notes

Send and receive emails securely with Cryptshare for Notes

In this video you will learn how to send large files and encrypted email via HCL Notes.

Email Encryption with Cryptshare compared to S/MIME & PGP

RequirementS/MIME & PGPCryptshare
Email encryption
Use without prior knowledge 
No technical prerequisites for recipients required 
Easy to set up and configure (1h) 
Sending files of any size 
Protective email classification 
Encryption of subject line 
Definable retention period of files on the server 
Complete audit trail for all transfers 
Available for anyone to use 

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