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Not only your employees, but also some of your systems generate sensitive data and large files that need to be exchanged securely with contacts outside or inside your company. Among those are systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, production-planning and -scheduling, support, documentation, construction (CAD) or human resource systems – to name just some of the various examples. Even though these systems can be linked to e-mail, there are many files and data that you probably don’t want to exchange unprotected or that are simply too large for sending them this way.

With the Cryptshare automation and integration options your systems can now also send their data securely and without file size limitations to the corresponding recipients. The receiving side doesn’t need any specific prerequisites for this.

Cryptshare comes with a Java and a Microsoft .NET API that let you connect your systems to the Cryptshare Server. Furthermore, we offer a command line tool called “Cryptshare Robot” that lets you link those systems to Cryptshare without advanced programming – you only need simple scripting skills for this.

If you want to find out how Cryptshare can help your company exchanging sensitive information and large amounts of data securely – fully in the background and automated – just contact us. We have advised many of our customers on successfully automating their communication, for example in the following business areas:

  • Encrypted sending of payslips to employees
  • Automated sending of orders, order confirmations or invoices from SAP
  • Automated delivery of purchased documents from a web-shop
  • Automated transfer of replacement part catalogues to service partners
  • Automated sending of bank statements to customers

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