Cryptshare on German TV

13.05.2019 - Matthias Kess, CTO of Cryptshare, at "The Business Debate"

E-mail is like a postcard

Unsecure and readable for everyone - Why you should encrypt e-mails

The functionality of Cryptshare as explanatory video

In this video you will learn how Cryptshare works technically.

The following processes are described:

  • The sender initiates the transfer.
  • Cryptshare Server sends verification code to the sender.
  • Data is being uploaded via https protocol, virus checked on the server and saved on the Cryptshare Server using strong encryption.
  • The Cryptshare Server sends an e-mail with a download link to the recipient - the password is neither being transmitted nor stored by the system.
  • The recipient can download the data after the password is entered. The password can be requested from the sender e.g. via telephone.
  • The Cryptshare Server sends a notification to the sender confirming that the data has been downloaded.

Cryptshare QUICK Technology

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Cryptshare web application

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How Cryptshare for Outlook works

This videos shows how the user can send and receive encrypted messages and large files with Cryptshare for Outlook. Directly from his/her familiar working environment of Microsoft Outlook.

IT compliance made easy

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