Outlook like you’ve never experienced it before!

New functionality for sending encrypted messages and large files in a very familiar environment: An interface with a user centred design that makes secure exchange of information easy. A revolutionary form of encrypted email where everyone inside your company and correspondents outside can transact with you securely. Cryptshare for Outlook will lift your organisation’s communication to a whole new level of security and usability. Download the upgrade now and experience how Cryptshare Server combined with our Outlook add-in makes your email better!

Secure emails and large files in Outlook

How to send and receive emails securley with Cryptshare

User centred interface

Seamlessly integrated. Easy to use.

User acceptance and productivity are key aims. In order to achieve this a user interface has to be intuitive to use and functional at the same time. The Cryptshare for Outlook design fits into MS Outlook seamlessly and is focused on ease of use and a positive user experience. No training required. Transaction progress displays give a clear status of all current incoming and outgoing transfers.

The sidebar gives the user control over passwords, attached files and all sent and received emails. A prominent one click button enables users to send emails and large files via Cryptshare as quickly as a standard unencrypted email. Even adding whole folder structures by drag and drop with Cryptshare for Outlook.

Customers tell us the Cryptshare add-in makes security effortless, sending large files and sensitive information straight from your familiar email environment. So why look for any other way to do this? We are convinced your whole company and everyone you communicate with will like it too.

Customized notification e-mails

Your communication. Your design.

Impress your communication partners not only with a high standard of security and usability, but also stay in their minds with your corporate design. With Cryptshare for Outlook you’ll impress even down to the notification e-mail to the recipient. You can customize it according to your corporate design in just a few simple steps. The clearly arranged layout will give them a perfect overview of all information they need and shows you take care of security. This will improve how your company is perceived regarding security and improve acceptance among users.

Send Cryptshare transfer passwords in Outlook via SMS

Cryptshare users can send transfer passwords to recipients via SMS in a very simple, fast and convenient way - directly from Outlook.

The Cryptshare for Outlook Transfer Manager

Everything under control

Don’t lose track of those important items! With an integrated transfer manager as a side bar into Outlook you keep full control. It shows the status of all transfers you have sent and received via Cryptshare for Outlook. Since sending a lot of items means having to manage many different passwords, an option lets you check all corresponding passwords you’ve assigned. In order to prevent storage space problems in your Outlook inbox, large files received via Cryptshare can be detached from the original mail and stored on your hard drive. The side bar provides a clear overview at all times, convenient and secure. A feature you’ll never want to do without again.

Email classification in Outlook

Data classification is an important compliance standard asked for by the GDPR.
In addition to email encryption, Cryptshare offers the capability to classify data before transmission with Microsoft Outlook.

Rule-based dispatch

The simple made even simpler

We asked ourselves, how something easy like sending encrypted messages and files with Cryptshare can be made even easier. Until now it only needs a click on the “Send via Cryptshare”-button. Well, it has just become easier! Create policies to decide when you want Cryptshare to take over. From now on the Cryptshare for Outlook add-in can be set up to kick in automatically whenever the user sends a message and attachment of a certain predefined file-size. This way your e-mail infrastructure will be released of all large file transfers and the user has one thing less to worry about.

Stay tuned for future options to define rules for secure sending of e-mails and files with Cryptshare for Outlook!

Administration. Control made easy.

Cryptshare is most powerful when all of your email users have access. So behind the scenes control of large user numbers is important. That’s why there is an administration user interface that makes implementing the Cryptshare for Outlook add-in and managing its behaviour centrally convenient for your IT team. Roll outs of Cryptshare for Outlook in large companies become very easy and pre-set options can be managed centrally without difficulty. If desired the Active Directory integration automatically transfers user specific data like name, phone number etc. from the central register.

E-mail encryption for Outlook

Cryptshare for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that automatically connects to your Cryptshare Server. Cryptshare for Outlook enables you to encrypt both the e-mail content as well as the attachments securing both. Sending secure or large messages from Outlook is just one mouse click away.

Cryptshare for Outlook works with an MS Exchange server or any other POP/IMAP/SMTP server in the background making the normal e-mail size restriction irrelevant since attachments are being handled by the Cryptshare server significantly reducing the burden on your e-mail servers and saving you money.

By offering Cryptshare directly inside the primary office tool you significantly increase the use of and benefits associated to Cryptshare. Your users are encouraged to use Cryptshare more often so improving your ROI. In addition the option to encrypt both the e-mail and the attachment brings a significant enhancement to the security of your Outlook use. It deals with all of the attachment handling making the use of Cryptshare more convenient since your staff are using the normal e-mail workflow. Sent items are stored in the sent folder. The files are kept or replaced by file names depending on size.

  • Send encrypted e-mails ad-hoc to any recipient without having to exchange certificates, install software or setup user accounts in advance.
  • Send attachments of any size securely from your MS Outlook client with a simple mouse click taking the load off your e-mail infrastructure.
  • The standard e-mail size limit in your and in your recipient's infrastructure is no longer a handicap for successful communication with your clients and partners.
  • Send encrypted e-mails and large files right out of your common MS Outlook environment with just one mouse click. Cryptshare is self-explanatory - no training required.
  • Minimum administrative effort required - you don't need to set up user accounts, you don't need to exchange, install or maintain certificates and transferred files will be deleted automatically by the system.

Cryptshare for Outlook is installed into the MS Outlook client as an add-in and there are several fast and easy ways to deploy this to your users. No software installations or settings are necessary on server side. You can use an MS Exchange server or any POP3/IMAP/SMTP mail service for Cryptshare for Outlook.

The add-in communicates directly via https from the user's client computer with the Cryptshare system to hand over the attachments and retrieve download information. After the files are ready, the add-in will add the download information and send the e-mail in the normal way.

Cryptshare for Outlook comes with an installation routine that you can use to install on your local machine or use with your software distribution system to roll out on a larger number of client computers. All settings can be pre-defined or managed centrally, so that users can start working right away. Personal configuration data can be modified by the user if required.

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