When BOS employees exchange confidential data with car manufacturers or service providers they use encrypted email from Cryptshare. The automotive supplier transfers data in a secure manner, which is critical to their success. This protects them against hackers, economic spooks and cyber criminals. BOS GmbH chose Cryptshare because of its user-friendly and efficient solution.

The international BOS Group with more than 7,000 employees worldwide is the technology and market leader for roller blinds and sun protection systems. It produces innovative mechatronic, kinematic and plastic systems which is composed of luggage compartment covers, sunshades and panoramic roof elements as well as door handles, roof racks and rear carrier systems.

Brought down by existing tools

For the exchange of extensive data such as images, product videos, marketing material, PowerPoint presentations or confidential e-mails, the BOS employees used to use One-click hosters, FTP and other tools. They also used the encryption program Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) but it required additional administration and configuration effort. Data was also transferred by e-mail using Transport Layer Security (TLS), but the convenience was rather low due to the size limitation by Microsoft Exchange. The existing solutions back then tied up time and labour resources and needed replacement with a user-friendly and secure solution without size limitations.

Full speed ahead with Cryptshare

Cryptshare was easy to install and integrate into the existing system landscape. BOS employees can securely transfer messages and files in just a few clicks using an Outlook add-in. The advantage: they can use their familiar e-mail provider. The recipients can then retrieve the messages and files using their respective browser and reply directly. Their IT department receives virtually no more support requests for file sharing and saves a lot of time because everything is so self-explanatory and simple. In addition, BOS hosts the solution itself and thus always retains control over its own data.

Cryptshare offers BOS employees and customers an easy and secure way to transfer large files and confidential information which has simplified their IT operations. Go ahead and read about other success stories here.