About Virtual Appliance

The Virtual Appliance has everything you need prepared and ready. It runs on VMware vSphere 4.0 or higher and includes:

  • An openSUSE Linux operating system
  • A ClamAV virus scanner
  • The pre-installed Cryptshare server application

Your subscription includes automatic software updates for all parts of the system ensuring that your Virtual Appliance is always up to date.

A web based configuration tool allows the Virtual Machine to be pre-configured so as to integrate immediately into your IT infrastructure whatever the scale. In addition, your brand image and design rules can be applied to the user interface quickly so that your staff, customers and partners can be certain who they are working with.

For integration into your vSphere server just download your pre-configured VM.


  • VMware vSphere 4.0 or higher.
  • An SSL certificate is needed for the Cryptshare Virtual Appliance to ensure data security during transmission of data between server and client.

Minimal resources that should be assigned to the VM:

The storage size that should be assigned to the system strongly depends on how the system is used. You should consider the following factors for deciding how much storage you want to allocate:

  • How many files will be transferred?
  • How large will the files be on average?
  • How long will files remain on the server?

We recommend using a minimum of 50 GB of storage.

The Cryptshare Application itself requires only minimum system resources. A Cryptshare Server can run with 1 GB RAM using a DualCore Virtual Host.

Need further information?

If you'd like to find out more about Cryptshare contact us or head over to the Cryptshare Appliance Manual on our wiki where you can find more details and answers surrounding the Virtual Appliance.