Email is the firmly established main channel for communication in today’s business world. Therefore, confidential messages and large files are mostly provided to customers, business partners, and colleagues via email. At the same time, data security and data integrity are playing an increasingly important role. Since the GDPR was implemented, there are new legal requirements businesses need to comply with in their daily work. 

How do you ensure that information makes it to the intended recipient in a protected and traceable way? Which easy-to-use solution for the secure and GDPR compliant exchange of data do you provide that does not create additional work for your employees?

Our partner Orgavision has delivered yet another tailor-made solution to answer precisely these questions: 

With Cryptshare for NAV, emails and all receipts generated in the system are sent directly and securely from Microsoft Dynamics NAV (starting Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In the regular process it was only possible to send via Outlook and in an unencrypted way. Cryptshare for NAV, in contrast, enables the encrypted sending of documents and files including a delivery confirmation after download: Orders, offers, invoices, or reminders requesting payment – directly from your workflow in just a few clicks.

It is no longer necessary to save files to the clipboard – cumbersome steps you can now avoid in your workflow altogether. 

Due to its high usability, users can start applying Cryptshare for NAV in their daily work immediately and without time-consuming and expensive trainings. The seamless integration into their familiar system environment with the same user interface creates real value, saving time and increasing efficiency as well as resulting in high user acceptance

Cryptshare for NAV not only helps companies secure their business communication and makes their employees’ work easier, it also saves them time and money.

Your benefits

  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Encryption of messages, subject lines, and attachments
  • No file size limit for sending information
  • Intuitive handling and high user acceptance
  • Fulfilling central GDPR demands
  • Saving time by pre-filled input fields
  • With Cryptshare for NAV you will get the Cryptshare Enterprise edition
  • Secure and traceable to work with for users
  • License-free use for recipients

Sending confidential data

With Cryptshare for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration:

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