Learn how to link your Cryptshare license with Azure in just a few steps.


How Cryptshare on Microsoft Azure works

Creating a perfect match for your IT strategy, Cryptshare can run on a Microsoft Azure server, benefiting from all its advantages.

Successful commissioning in only two steps

Como usuario comercial

Empezar inmediatamente
Utilizar interfaz web
Complemento de Outlook
Integración de Notes

Solicitar ahora una demostración
Recomendado por la mayoría de usuarios

Un servidor de demostración operado por nosotros mismos en el que solo necesita solicitarlo para acceder. Una vez que se haya registrado para la demostración, puede empezar directamente a probar Cryptshare.

No es necesaria instalación ni hardware. Está adaptado para cualquier usuario comercial que desee ver como funciona Cryptshare.

Como administrador

Instalación en servidor
Descarga de software
Complemento de Outlook
Integración de Notes

Solicitar instalación de prueba
Principalmentepara administradores, ya que requiere configuración del servidor

La instalación de prueba le da la oportunidad de instalar y probar una versión completamente funcional de Cryptshare en su propio entorno.

Le proporcionaremos los archivos de instalación necesarios y le daremos las instrucciones de configuración.

Ready for using Cryptshare on Azure?

If you have any questions regarding setup or operation for Cryptshare on Azure, please feel free to contact us.

I'm happy to help!


Email: azure@cryptshare.com  



Nils Fischer
Quality and Support Manager

Technical information about Cryptshare on Azure

In order to find the right server best suited for your needs, please consider the following questions:

  • How many transfers are expected per day?
  • What is the average size of a transfer?
  • Do you expect periods where the amount of data is at least triple the average? Do peak periods exist?
  • How many transfers could occur simultaneously?
  • Recommended disk space for the upload directory:
    [minimum upload directory size] = [average transfer size] * [average amount of transfers per day] * [retention period *1.25]
 No PeaksHigh Peaks
Low Average (one or two transfers at the same time)B2S and at least HDDB2S and at least SSD
Medium Average (up to 8 transfers at the same time)F2s_v2 and at least HDDB4ms and at least SSD
High Average (up to 20 transfers at the same time)DS3_v2 and at least SSDDS3_v2 and at least SSD
*If the average exceeds 20 transfers at a time, please get in touch with one of our BDMs to find another solution.