And the winner is… Cryptshare! We were very proud to be nominated for an award in Silicon Valley, the home of technology, and to win it, we are thrilled. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are known around the world and here in our home market Germany, so thanks to all who voted for us.

The Cryptshare team thanks their supporters

The Cryptshare team would like to first thank their supporters 

The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are granted every year to companies, products and people who deserve recognition for excellent service, innovation and leadership in information security. Companies from all over the world participate. We have ranked 1st in the product category  ‘E-Mail Security‘ and are proud to being finalist in the category ‘Best Cybersecurity Company‘, too.

‘Making e-mail better‘ is our mission and our team is committed every day to fulfill that aim. This great rating from outside motivates us to do even more, so watch this space for innovation and ideas, of which we have loads! 

Feel free to tell colleagues, acquaintances or business partners how easy it is to encrypt email and exchange large files with Cryptshare. To celebrate the success of the day, we will reward every reasonable and successful recommondation from our customers with two additional free months of use on your licence.

Thank you very much

Your Cryptshare team