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How different industries facilitate Cryptshare

Cryptshare is used by more than 2,000,000 satisfied user all over the world. Customer companies come in all sizes, from many different industries and professions. Read below how Cryptshare can help make each of these sectors more secure and help employees in their everyday work handling sensitive information and large files in a secure yet easy way.

Banking and Finance

The banking sector is under sustained attack from criminals seeking to steal confidential client records and any information they can get to commit fraud.
Several banks in Germany, the UK and France use Cryptshare to protect the sharing of a range of confidential data which includes routine communications (statements, contracts and so on) letters and agreements as well as more sensitive private client records. Cryptshare’s capability to provide a secure service on an ad hoc basis has proven highly valuable in managing client relationships however together with strong security and a detailed audit trail mass distribution use has become much more widespread than expected and staff and customer acceptance is excellent.

Food Industry / Food Technologie

Whether companies are producing, testing or trading food, all of them need the possibility to transfer sensitive data. Customers, government agencies and suppliers are communicating constantly with each other and need to exchange sensitive information as well as large files with each other spontaneously and with many different contacts. Usability is therefore a very important factor.

Life Food: Secure data exchange with Cryptshare

"Sensitive and large data secure transmit - a challenge that rises with increasing frequency for a steadily growing company like ours. The close relation of Life Food / Taifun-Tofuprodukte with wholesalers, suppliers and customers require almost daily exchange of confidential files.

A data protection project was ultimately decisive to enlighten the possibilities of closer encrypted data transmission. The most important requirement for us: employees should not leave their familiar Microsoft Outlook environment and at the same time, each business partner can simply and quickly communicate without any prior knowledge with us.

In our research, however, most applications offers turned out to be either expensive or required very intensive care. Often the solutions even presuppose certificates or something similar of the recipient. Different in Cryptshare: The program of befine solutions AG immediately fulfilled our idea of a secure and trusted communication path. Cryptshare offers everything that's important to us: an attractive usability, a very low deployment and maintenance effort and the whole thing for an affordable price.

The decision was quickly made and in 2012 the new data transfer program at Life Food was introduced. A choice that we have not regret! Because Cryptshare could be used not only quick and easy, it also requires little maintenance overall - a big plus in everyday operations. Another argument: The Food-Life staff has adopted the user-friendly software immediately and do just fine with it. Therefore our conclusion is: we can continue recommending Cryptshare!"

Team Division Leader IT / Data Privacy Coordinator
Daniel Graf


Insurance companies hold large amounts of confidential customer data and the industry is highly regulated. Claims always contain confidential client data and often additional supporting evidence such as photographs which may be in large files. These are exchanged with customers and third party assessors on a daily basis and in large volume. The combination of a clear audit trial confirming document delivery and collection, good security to protect data and a two way ad hoc capability make Cryptshare the perfect choice.


Healthcare organisations are often large and services to patients widely spread across regions. A critical factor in achieving good clinical outcomes is to have available all of the information needed to treat a patient fast and at the treatment location. However even in this day of single patient records there are usually many people involved across many departments and disciplines often specialist services need new updated patient data in an ad hoc way. With tight regulation of data privacy ad-hoc solutions that are secure, especially beyond the boundary of the primary health care unit have for years challenged the service. With Cryptshare existing e-mail is suddenly given the power to handle a whole new set of needs. Low cost, fast value added.


Central and local government are some of the most sensitive organisations to data privacy not least because they are under scrutiny and attack all the time. Faced with accelerating costs of high security but closed systems or the alternative of slow and costly alternatives Government has become one of the fastest growing sectors for Cryptshare use. The nature of government is to collaborate with every part of the community from individual members of the public to companies delivering services to the public designed to protect and serve. By working beyond the perimeter of the government infrastructure Cryptshare enables the collaboration between these different stake holders in a secure and easy way.

Cornwall Council

"We had looked at several solutions and found them to be either very complex, very expensive or both. Cryptshare came to our attention and we could immediately see how it could solve many of our compliance and security needs.  The fact that it also reduced the load on and costs of our e-mail services was a bonus. Cryptshare has made the product really simple to use which was important for us as it allowed us to deploy the solution fast and without the need for training. If a user can use e-mail then they can use Cryptshare. Overall the project has been a great success and a quick win, I would strongly recommend any business to try it."

Angus Macrea
IT Security Manager
Cornwall Council


The engineering industry creates huge volumes of information, much of it highly specialised and relating to complex projects. In the past this work would have been done by large teams, often of many hundreds of staff working in contained offices and with highly advanced (for the time) integrated information systems. Today, largely for economic reasons the teams working on such projects are loosely connected, with independent specialist individuals and companies making a contribution to parts of the overall project and with a prime contractor leading the confederation. Large CAD data files need to be shared, e-mail would be perfect but the files are too large (5-10 GB) and are confidential often resulting in use of removable media sent by courier or mail. With Cryptshare work can be shared even when ad hoc needs arise and the speed of exchange is massively increased and with a detailed audit trail retained.

Mack Rides

"Like many specialist engineering companies, we exchange files often. Where possible files were sent as e-mail attachments because it is easy. Very large files were exchanged with our business partners via FTP servers in the past. However to maintain confidentiality we needed additional tools from third-parties which added complexity and cost.

When Cryptshare came to our attention it seemed like a good fit and now Cryptshare has become the standard tool for file transfer, regardless whether the files are large or small, confidential or not. Our investment in Cryptshare paid back almost immediately due to better and less expensive workflows."

CIO of Mack Rides GmbH & Co. KG
Kai Hügle


"Like many specialist engineering companies we exchange files with customers, suppliers and partners often.  By using Cryptshare we reduced the effort and the cost for these file transfers significantly. In addition Cryptshare increased safety and security of the content of the files compared to the previous use of e-mail.

The very easy-to-use interface makes user acceptance of Cryptshare very fast and the acceptance of Cryptshare is so good that even in-house file transfers are now made via Cryptshare."

CIO Recaro GmbH & Co. KG
Klaus Knayer

Yamaha Motor Europe

"After searching for over 18 months for a secure way to transfer large files I discovered Cryptshare. This solution instantly drew my attention because Cryptshare exactly addressed our business requirements. Cryptshare was very easy to get started and the initial Cryptshare licenses were deployed in the Netherlands. Based on enthusiastic responses from the users we have deployed Cryptshare throughout Europe. Cryptshare is for us a far better option than FTP or sending confidential data via couriers. Cryptshare provides a cost effective alternative and saves us the costs of couriers, and it is very easy to use. We can now exchange files with our external partners who get access to the files we sent them via a user friendly branded interface in the browser used by the recipient."

Senior Network Engineer at YAMAHA MOTOR EUROPE
Jeroen de Zwart

Legal and Professional

The work of legal and professional firms is almost always of a highly sensitive nature; contracts, patents applications, negotiations, financial data of companies and individuals all form the content of the daily work of the individual professionals in the firm and it is critical to be able to share this work in an ad hoc way, quickly and securely with clients. Cryptshare is widely used by professional firms and at a global level since it provides the simplicity of use that enables clients and their professional advisors to share the information they need to even when file sizes are large and supporting e-mails also need protecting.


A critical success factor for retail is to profile customers to ensure that the products in a store or on-line meet the demands of the market. Detailed private records are retained an as many customers as allow this to happen and loyalty cards are common place. This data needs to be kept confidential at all times and to be of value is constantly updated. Cryptshare is used by a growing number of large retail and consumer goods companies with a special uptake in the luxury good s sector.


Staff and pupils in any educational establishment either school or University exchange information frequently and it is a requirement to also share information which may be critical to a student success with a wide range of councillors and student support groups. Cryptshare gained early acceptance in large University sites where staff would need to interact with large numbers of students, have them send materials to them for scrutiny and do so securely but without enabling student to student information exchange which would be handled by their own social media use. Cryptshare has been highly successful in creating a secure information flow with a clear audit trail. No more excuses for handing work in late.

Lucas-Nülle GmbH

"Sales, Marketing and Product Management frequently need to exchange confidential information held in large files with customers, suppliers and business partners. In the past this was done in a variety of ways, FTP servers, USB sticks or CD ROM’s or via e-mail despite the huge resource waste, security risks and unnecessary cost.

Cryptshare was selected by Lucas-Nülle GmbH primarily for its ease of use, both for the end-user and in set up for IT. With the Outlook plug-in providing seamless integration to regular working processes Cryptshare also enables the secure return of large files and e-mail from recipients without complex infrastructure greatly adding to the usage and benefits.

Clear notifications at each stage of the process allows the sender to remain in control, and IT were very pleased with the reduction in costs of the exchange server by off-loading large files and through no longer having to administer the FTP services."

IT - Project Manager at Lucas-Nülle GmbH
Eric Hencker

Research and Development

One of the first Cryptshare customers was a major German research enterprise who needed a better way to share great ideas between collaborating researchers that was secure and could handle very large files. First through a simple browser and later on directly from e-mail. Since the first installation which was limited in file size to 2 GB the demand is now for files in excess of 50Gb, for the encryption of supporting e-mails and also for a range of customer defined configuration settings all of which have been provided in the V3 releases.


One of the critical differentiators of media types and services is the speed at which a story can be placed in front of a target market. Until the story is out it is top secret but t needs to arrive fast. More media is no longer a single discipline we refer to multi-media for good reason. Cryptshare is widely used by newspapers and TV, journalists and film companies, advertising agencies and photographers all wanting get their confidential information to the best channel to place it in front of you.

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