Sitting securely and comfortably with RECARO is a pleasure that lasts (and has lasted) for a long time

RECARO has been moving people for over one hundred years in safe, comfortable seats with award-winning design. From Sport Seats and child seats to the bestseller above the clouds RECARO gives their customers the support they need to transcend boundaries and arrive at their destinations safely and confidently. Airlines around the world and international automotive companies trust the innovative solutions and services as well as careful parents and their children.

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A tradition of innovation

In the RECARO Group a deep culture of innovation is lived by all. Innovations are actively promoted by systematic innovation management for example at the ideas competition „RECARO Idea Challenge“, results in about 750 ideas handed in by employees. Networking between subsidiaries and across business areas in order to develop new ideas and strengthen innovation is an on-going goal sought by the Group. And success can come quickly. In 2017, the global operating company was awarded the TOP 100 Innovator prize recognising it as one of the most innovative companies in the German SME sector.

Trust through security

When it comes to security RECARO makes no compromises. Its brand values place the protection and the integrity of the human beings first. Leading airlines, racing professionals and parents trust the company‘s products, which always aim to exceed minimum legal standards.

The company strives to on-going improvements in its products proven over decades while still providing easy handling and intuitive operation to each customer ensuring a correct application is guaranteed at all times and every customer can feel completely safe – whether on vacation trips, walking with the children or on the daily commute to work. Every section and every employee at RECARO is aware of this responsibility and gives their best every day.

With innovation securely into the future

The role model is found in nature: like a cocoon, RECARO seats surround and stabilize the human body and protect it. A keen awareness of the protection and integrity of people of all shapes and sizes can be experienced by motorists and passengers on every journey - safety by design. In addition, RECARO relies on security that is not immediately tangible - that of digital data. Looking for an innovative provider to make the exchange of sensitive information and large files safe, the choice was for Cryptshare.

Secure and easy exchange of digital data

IT and security experts in the company were facing a dilemma: They realised that one of the platforms that was used for data exchange no longer met the standards for usability and security. Besides, they were questioned by employees from several departments for clearance to use services for data exchange that did not meet the level of security required by RECARO. The transmission of data to customers, suppliers and business partners via USB Stick was technically made impossible. Employees were allowed to use USB sticks for internal use only for the reading of external data.

The trio of ergonomics, function and aesthetics

A tricky task for the IT and security experts: to meet compliance standards on the one hand and to respect the employees‘ wish for easy data exchange on the other. User comfort should be high on the requirements list without compromising security. Dominik Scholl, Information Security Officer and his colleagues knew users would only be convinced to use a new solution when it was user-friendly, highly self-explanatory and if it offered very good ergonomics and high functionality at the same time. Not an easy task! 

Dominik Scholl describes their method as follows: “RECARO was searching for a user-friendly and secure platform for data exchange to consolidate existing systems and to offer users an alternative to USB sticks. Cryptshare convinced us due to its straightforward administration and its easy to use Outlook add in

Because RECARO introduced the solution to all three business units an individual web application was created for each business. They are designed according to our Corporate Design and so reinforce and strengthen the presentation of the brand RECARO.” He is satisfied having found Cryptshare as the solution that best meets all three requirements.

Security and comfort for companies, employees and customers

After a comprehensive proof of concept (POC) and a security test for the entire RECARO Group the company decided in favour of Cryptshare. Besides this, Cryptshare had been successfully used in one of the companies of the RECARO group in addition outdated solutions in the other companies could be replaced by Cryptshare, saving money. Since its implementation employees transmit sensitive information securely and easily, including highly confidential documents such as advisory board meeting minutes. Even large files such as product documentation are effortlessly sent to clients with Cryptshare.

The company, its employees and clients clearly noticed the advantages of Cryptshare after its implementation in the entire RECARO Group, these are that digital data can be handled safely by every user much more easily, information and data are exchanged in a far more secure way, the administrative effort has significantly decreased and finally the web applications in the corporate design make for a uniform appearance and contribute to the trustworthiness in the brand.

Data and Design in line – now and in the future

In 2017 RECARO celebrated its 111st anniversary with the slogan “111 years of ingenious design”. It signifies the key features of the RECARO products: ergonomics, function and aesthetics. Together with its employees and partners RECARO will continue producing secure and comfortable seating solutions for children, drivers and air travellers in the future. As a software manufacturer Cryptshare AG will accompany the RECARO Group further on their way and support them with its communication solution Cryptshare.


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