Send orders and additional documents directly and encrypted from SAP

The challenge

Körber‘s Pharmaceuticals Business Unit has been using the SAP ERP system for some time now. The business processes in procurement range from enquiries and orders to framework agreements. The task was now to find a solution that would allow documents, including additional data such as drawings, to be sent securely to suppliers.

This was planned to be realised as an integrated implementation in SAP based on independently running processes from SEAL Systems and Cryptshare. The goal was to map an automated process which would also avoid changing systems between SAP and the email client. In addition, data should not be transferred unsecured via email for compliance and data protection reasons. SEAL Systems was assigned to create this secure, integrated solution for SAP order dispatch

Seal Systems - Koerber Usecase

Quick and easy integration

Körber had already been using Cryptshare as a secure bidirectional communication solution for other processes before the integration project. Cryptshare is configurable and can be easily connected to other systems through interfaces such as the Cryptshare Robot, and so can be integrated into the most diverse contexts Cryptshare and the SEAL Systems processes already represented proven systems. These only had to be connected to extend the processes to be mapped for secure file transfer.

Thanks to the available interfaces of the output management system PLOSSYS® and the Cryptshare Robot (a lean command line tool), the connection went smoothly and could be realised and implemented within a few days.

The added value of the seamless SAP-Cryptshare connection

With the SAP integration from Cryptshare and SEAL Systems, documents of any size are now encrypted and sent directly from the order process in SAP. It is no longer necessary to use intermediate storage for files or to switch to another system - cumbersome work steps which can now be eliminated. As a result, Körber Pharma now saves valuable resources and costs. User acceptance is very high due to the ease of use, i.e. the elimination of unpopular search and sorting tasks, resulting in saved time. The connection also effectively contributes to risk minimisation, and potential industrial espionage is prevented by encrypting the data.

Körber Pharma can thus ensure the protection of confidential information and comply with legal regulations such as the GDPR.


Further integration possibilities and automation potential

Due to the implemented connection of Cryptshare to PLOSSYS, the Corporate Output Management System from SEAL Systems, the added value represented by Cryptshare can be addressed from all available solution contexts and integration scenarios. Beside the already described SAP process printing (for orders), there are particularly interesting fields of application in

  • Network printing (Windows printing), i.e. availability from any Windows application via the „Print“ function,
  • Business printing (SAP spool printing), i.e. availability from all SAP applications or
  • Interactive ordering from the SEAL Systems Print Client as a web application.

Therefore, SEAL Systems also helps the integration possibility of Cryptshare to optimise and secure the communication in other use cases for customers.

In the future, SEAL Systems plans further connectivity. This includes the integration of Cryptshare in DPF (Digital Process Factory®). With the DPF, different kinds of documents are converted and prepared. Electronic provision procedures are also supported - an ideal product combination.

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