Project licence extension

Inside to outside, outside to inside and now new, collaborate with nominated third parties.
Secure communication with Cryptshare quality! Due to high demand from our customers, we are now shipping Cryptshare FLEX Pro. From now on, your nominated external project teams can also use your Cryptshare

Compliance compromised by third parties?

Finally, you have a solution for sending sensitive and large data - thanks to Cryptshare. But what happens when your business partners come into play? How do external project members or suppliers exchange project files amongst themselves, rather than just with you? In the best case, also with Cryptshare! For this often requested scenario we have created a solution, the Cryptshare Project Licence Extension.

Extend your licence - communicate securely

The Project Licence Extension allows you to extend the use of your Cryptshare server to nominated third parties. Communication partners whose e-mail addresses are outside your domain can now use your Cryptshare server. The transfer of your sensitive data by third party partners is now just as secure as your own with Cryptshare.

You want to benefit from a consistently secure communication path?

Contact us. We can expand your Cryptshare licence for more security for those with whom you are working.
The Project Licence Extension is available for the following domain editions: BASIC, BUSINESS or ENTERPRISE.

Practical examples of external project groups:

  • General contractors whose subcontractors and partners should exchange project data securely
  • External developers who work on your software projects
  • Suppliers who need to exchange files from your company
  • Recruiting or financial service providers who send sensitive files to you and other professionals with whom you work