Business Domain
On-premise or 3rd party hosting
  • 12 or 36 months runtime

  • Encrypted messages

  • No file size limits

  • Full audit trail

  • Unlimited external use**

  • User-friendly web app

  • Own policy rules

  • Incl. HCL Notes Integration

  • Incl. MS Outlook AddIn

  • -

  • -

  • FLEX optional (Project license extension)

Enterprise Domain
On-premise or 3rd party hosting


*The number of mailboxes is defined by the total number of mail users inside the company's e-mail domain(s). Users with multiple mailboxes count as one.
Functional mailboxes like don't have to be licensed.
**Any number of external communication partners can receive, answer or initiate new transfers without additional license cost.

Do you have special license requirements?

No problem - we'll find the right one for you together!