Introduction of Cryptshare for OWA

Email security for OWA

Strong encryption of emails and files - now also in Outlook on the web

Cryptshare has been and will be integrated deeper and deeper into the Microsoft world. With the secure sending of digital information from Outlook, Microsoft 365 and Windows Explorer, important tools are already supported.

With Cryptshare for OWA (formerly known as Outlook on the Web or Outlook Web App), another Cryptshare integration is now added to a future-oriented, cloud-based building block of the Microsoft world.

Secure digital communication, no matter what kind and size, will also be possible for all users of Outlook on the web. Those who work online and networked will be able to communicate bidirectionally across company boundaries with Cryptshare for OWA.


Email encryption and large attachments with OWA

What is the idea
behind the new
product line?

We believe that secure communication must be as integrated as possible into users’ daily workflows. Solutions like Cryptshare should be seamlessly incorporated into today's most modern work environments. This provides the user with maximum usability and strengthens IT security in handling digital information.

In addition to many existing integrations into the Microsoft world, users of Outlook’s browser-based version will now also be able to use Cryptshare to secure their digital communication. Now, they can effectively and efficiently protect the exchange of emails and files of any type and size, even when working in the cloud-based OWA. This is an important aspect, especially in times of increasing data breaches and cyberattacks.

How does
Cryptshare for OWA
benefit me
and my company?

At the core of our considerations was the idea of making Microsoft's Outlook on the web (in short OWA) "completely secure".

  • We started with the familiar aspects; user-friendly processing and organisation of confidential Cryptshare messages - directly in the OWA mailbox.
  • Then came the easy acceptance of provided files - and this is where it becomes limitless – data, regardless of its size, directly from OWA.  
  • Of course, the popular folder structures and search function can also be used for all Cryptshare transfers.
  • All of this rounded off by a fast way to send confidential and large files from OWA; also to recipients outside the Microsoft world. 
  • If data from external communication partners is to be transferred to your company, Reply links can be easily used to receive the data via a Cryptshare transfer. 

We have gained a lot of experience from our pre-existing integrations in Outlook, Office 365 and Windows Explorer, which are already being used by millions of users worldwide. This experience went into the development of Cryptshare for OWA – and it really shows. Cryptshare is now also available in its initial version for enterprises that rely on the cloud-based Microsoft option.

What makes
this integration
so interesting?

  1. Secure digital communication without size limits in one of the most modern cloud-based email clients; whether on a PC, macOS or Linux.
  2. Great usability through its seamless integration into the Microsoft tool of your choice.
  3. More productivity in everyday digital business, as there is no need to switch between browsers and other tools whenever large and confidential files need to be received or sent.

What are
the advantages
for the users?

  1. Productivity is at the top of the list. Users no longer have to leave their familiar working environment in the browser-based version of Outlook to use Cryptshare.
  2. In addition to that, annoying size restrictions are completely eliminated. Files of any type and size can be sent and received in OWA (currently still via the Web App).  And of course, this works bidirectionally and across company boundaries. (Even beyond the borders of the Microsoft universe).

Finally, this represents a great contribution for enhancing IT security. It is now even easier for users to communicate digitally – and, above all, securely.

How do I get
Cryptshare for OWA?

That's very simple!

  1. The OWA add-in can be downloaded and deployed as usual in the customer or partner area of our website.
  2. Very important: 
    1. Curious but don't have a Cryptshare licence just yet? Then simply apply for a free trial on our website and test Cryptshare for OWA today.
    2. As an existing customer you may already have OWA in your existing licence: Get your licence update today to be able to use OWA. Simply send an email to using "OWA" as the subject line.

Further information about the release, user requirements, the user manual and screencast can be found online as well.

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