We are pleased to announce a new update of the Cryptshare Server and Cryptshare for Outlook.

The server update is available from now in your Cryptshare administration interface and on our customer and partner area as usual.

We would like to draw your attention to the following news and are looking forward to your feedback.

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Revoke wrongly sent emails

Sent the file
to the wrong

This happens to everyone sometime and can turn into a real risk, because every employee error becomes a security risk especially if the data is particularly worth protecting. How can the accidental leakage or loss of information such as 

  • trade secrets,
  • personal data,
  • patient data
  • or constructional plans

be avoided?

With the Revoke feature of Cryptshare, human mistakes can be corrected after the wrong send. On the one hand, you offer your employees a safety tool that brings unbelievable relief in cases where files were sent by mistake. On the other hand, you reduce the overall risk of data loss for your company tremendously. 


Revoke emails with Cryptshare for Outlook

The revocation function completes our protection package to prevent accidental loss of data.

  1. Black- /Whitelisting to prevent the dispatch to certain recipients in advance.
  2. Password protection of the files that are sent.
  3. Usage of the Revoke feature if the files have already been sent.

What was the focus during the development of this function?


  • Transparent communication after revocation. The sender can inform the recipient about the cancellation by email template and provides immediate clarity.
  • In contrast to the protection of files by a rights management, the files are deleted by the revocation function for certainty.
  • Risk minimization, especially for communication partners who are using a permanently secure connection (QUICK) via Cryptshare.
    In this case, the connection is secure, but the possibility of the user itself sending files incorrectly can never be ruled out.

Redesigned Download Area


More comfort for the recipient.

The external recipient of secure transfers or emails is often confronted with a completely new solution and the recipients may find themselves in unknown territory. In order to increase the swift acceptance and use of encrypted communication with the communication partner as well as convenience and simplicity in the download area, clarity is an important prerequisite.

Special attention was paid to the following factors

in the design of the download area:
  • Design inspired by emails creates a recognizable interface and trust during the use.
  • Clearer presentation on large screens as well as on mobile devices increases the acceptance of the solution in all situations.
  • The confidential message is displayed directly in the browser and saves the recipient time.
  • The Direct reply function in the Cryptshare Web App makes it easy to continue the communication safely for all.

Easy Policy Import

Complex guidelines quickly implemented.

Individual design and the continuous development of guidelines is a challenge itself. Integrating these into security solutions is often very inconvenient and simply time-consuming.

With the CSV Import feature, complex policies can be quickly and easily imported into Cryptshare and applied immediately across your enterprise increasing the power and value of the service.

Exclusive offer for our customers:

We train your employees in handling sensitive data and the Cryptshare application