Working remotely protects your employees

- Cryptshare protects your data -

By using home office, many employees can now work for your company from home. This is a great advantage, especially when - for whatever reason - there is no other way. 

In order to work efficiently, however, employees must be able to exchange messages and files quickly and easily - and in a secure manner. Anytime, anywhere, and without any technical hurdles or necessary training efforts.

Cryptshare enables you to do just that and it is ready for use in just a few minutes. So you can continue to work securely.

Immediate assistance

You can use the full scope of Cryptshare

  • Immediately available
  • Free of charge
  • Support for setup
  • Staff training inclusive

What is Cryptshare?

Ready for home office?

[] AV installed

[] Firewall

[] VPN to the office(s)

[] Security Awareness training

[] Online meeting app installed

[] Office instant messenger

[ ? Secure communications via email
or file transfer

Protection of confidential information

Use Cryptshare to send and receive emails and large files securely.

Compared to available technologies, e.g. S/MIME and PGP, Cryptshare also offers the benefit of encrypting metadata such as the email subject.

Sending files of any size safely

With Cryptshare, sharing large files is no longer a challenge. The restraints of SMTP are a thing of the past.

File size restrictions are removed in popular email clients, limits can be set by the administrator.

Usable for everyone

Ad-hoc usability, making it easy for both internal and external communication.

Say goodbye to:

> Software installation <
> User accounts <
> S/MIME & PGP <
> Costs for external partners <

High user acceptance

Through seamless integration into familiar user environments.


Exchange confidential messages and large files with Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook / Cryptshare for Notes.

4,000,000 users love it!

One interface for all devices

The Cryptshare web application, a fully responsive Web portal, useable on all Devices and platforms.

Data exchange even on the go
without app installation.

Prevent data breakdowns

41% of data leakage is caused by sending an email to the wrong email address.

Ensure this doesn’t happen, set a password using Cryptshare. If you think the password is compromised, recall the confidential file from the Cryptshare server, putting you in complete control.


...sent your message to the wrong recipient?

Employees can become a real security risk when they send confidential data to the wrong recipient.

Cryptshare's Revoke feature allows you to correct mistakes after the fact and extends your security options for accidentally sent files.

For small enterprises

The big solution for a small budget.

Secure communication is often jeopardised by a lack of IT infrastructure, a small budget, or insufficient resources. is ready to go in just a few moments, no in-depth IT knowledge required. For only €5 per user, per month.

Secure emails and large files in Outlook

Email encryption and large attachments with Outlook

In this video you will learn how easy it is to exchange encrypted email and large files via Outlook with Cryptshare.

Communicate securely now

Full functionality and support
- No server or hardware installation needed -
  • Encrypted email and large file transfer.

  • Try revolutionary QUICK Technology!

  • For all employees with an email address from your company.

  • Plus everyone they communicate with.

  • Test the Outlook Add-In and Notes integration for free.

  • Demo version hosted by us.

  • No server installation required.

  • Trial ends automatically

  • No credit card required

  • Send to up to 10 recipients per transfer

    Taking into account:

  • * Free Trial period ends automatically after 21 days

* Required to comply with EU export restrictions.

No risk for you:
You do not enter any further contractual obligations with this request.

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