Cryptshared Values

Brand values

The Cryptshare team firmly believes that digital communication is immensely valuable for enterprises. It empowers people to collaborate on projects and unfolds the true value of data, connecting everybody in the enterprise.
It becomes particularly valuable when it is available to anyone at any time, in a simple and secure tool. To make this a reality, the experienced Cryptshare team has been working together with great passion and care for many years. We believe in what we do, and our teamwork ensures we meet key challenges and master new threats, taking care of our fellow travellers.
This is reflected in Cryptshare – a secure and feature-rich digital transport service for the ad hoc exchange of files of all types and sizes. We provide our customers with exactly what they require for their data in transit to remain safe. We make digital communication for enterprises simply secure.

Cryptshare embraces differences

Being there for one another – experience the #CryptshareSpirit

Diversity: Cryptshare embraces differences

It is the Cryptshare team’s firm belief and an essential part of our identity that all people regardless of sex or gender, sexual orientation, religion, origin, ethnicity, nationality, neurodiversity, physical trait, or age are welcome.

We want to be a company that contributes to the promotion of equality and social justice in our society and one that is a role model for constructive cooperation. 

It is nearly impossible to adequately describe the ways this manifests in our daily lives with just a few words. 

For this reason, we encourage everyone to experience how we conduct ourselves and interact with each other during an interview or a trial workday.

The Cryptshare spirit is very important to us; it is part of what motivates and drives us. Come and see for yourself!


Of course, nobody is perfect and obviously that includes us, so we are striving to learn and evolve every day. Creating an equal-opportunity workplace culture is not an easy task; it requires honest and earnest discussions that can be held with colleagues as well as direct managers and HR. At Cryptshare, we welcome this challenge, together.


At Cryptshare, our team spirit and close cooperation make us who we are. Our leadership team has committed themselves to keeping it that way.

Leadership guidelines lay out that they detail and disclose all strategy, roles, and responsibilities regarding the team’s work.

Work procedures are developed together with team members and expectations are aligned in advance. We then are trusted to work on tasks independently and in turn take pride in owning our work.

To successfully achieve our goals together, we support and treat each other as equals. Our managers stand for and foster a proactive and appreciative feedback culture in which all opinions are welcome.

They are there for their team members and are happy to take the necessary time for everyone.

Oliver Kenk (Chief Financial Officer)

Oliver Kenk 

For me, the most fascinating thing in my professional career in banking had always been the dialogue with entrepreneurs, getting to know different business models as well as their recipes for success. This combined with the fun of working in finance, with numbers, and with people led me to my current role as Chief Financial Officer at Cryptshare. In addition to the commercial area, I am responsible for human resources, contracting, and compliance – a broad and diverse range of tasks that never ceases to be exciting and challenging.

Ingrid Hagen (Chief Sales Officer)

Ingrid Hagen   

Following the motto "Stay curious for life", I have always found that the sales environment was a great field for me. Every day, I learn something new about technology, people and their needs, and new perspectives and ways of working. At Cryptshare, I am happy to be able to contribute by helping set strategic goals and driving their implementation together with my team.

Markus Wolfer (Head of Sales DACH)

Markus Wolfer   

For many years, I have been fascinated by IT, particularly IT security and its potential to solve problems. When finding solutions, it has always been important for me to focus on the customer and their challenges. I have passionately implemented this while working in sales at various system houses for 15 years. In 2018, I decided to "switch sides" to Cryptshare, a software manufacturer. Here, I am responsible for the DACH sales region, where I am most excited about the expansion of the channel.

Lucien Barink (General Manager Benelux)

Lucien Barink 

When joining Cryptshare, I recognised the importance of securing data, not only within an organisation but certainly also between organisations. Cryptshare offered, and still does, a powerful tool for protecting data in transit. I started building the sales model when the solution’s domain (email security) was still very new to the market. Currently, we have a successful and working delivery model with a large installed base, including many blue-chip customers, and an established brand awareness in the market.

Sascha Barth (Head of Customer Communications)

Sascha Barth   

Customer contact is only as good as the impression it leaves. At Cryptshare, Customer Communications means: respectful and open communication, empathy for the customer's point of view and a hands-on approach. I have been active in the customer care industry for more than 20 years and have successfully implemented customer services for large and medium-sized clients. Here at Cryptshare, I can go above and beyond by proactively providing services to our customers before they even realise they need them. That's modern customer service!

Matthias Kess (Chief Technology Officer)

Matthias Kess   

The use of information technology to unlock potential in companies has inspired and shaped me since my youth. At Cryptshare, I can channel the experience I have gained in my professional career, and from contact with customers from different industries, into our product. This experience, combined with the motivated specialists in my team, results in a high-quality product that constantly impresses our customers with its high standards of quality, security, usability, and its excellent value proposition.

Alexander Gavrylenko (Chief Operating Officer)

Alexander Gavrylenko   

I strongly believe that anyone can be a leader. Anyone can take initiative, overcome challenges, support others, and stay positive. In our daily teamwork, leadership is not so much a role or hierarchical position but rather a mindset and an attitude. As a result, we share responsibilities whenever needed by staying accountable: We continuously exchange honest and constructive feedback, support each other, and have fun together so that we can deliver the best performance possible.

Oliver Gäng (Chief Marketing Officer)

Oliver Gäng   

As early as 20 years ago, my fascination for digital transformation was the reason why I chose a career in digital marketing. At Cryptshare, I greatly enjoy the combination of brand work and the task of leading a highly motivated marketing team. With our broad team expertise, we focus on solving the challenges of product marketing together – from content strategy to digital marketing automation and brand building. We appreciate and respect one another, are dedicated to our work, and take a lot of joy in what we do.

Dominik Lehr (Chief Executive Officer)

Dominik Lehr   

At the beginning of my professional career, I quickly realised that I enjoyed making things happen and helping them grow. When I saw such an opportunity open up in the IT/software sector, founding Cryptshare was the next logical step for me. Over time, our entire team has expertly worked together, both to achieve economic success and to ensure that our company would be a home of shared values for all colleagues. I fully support this in my role as CEO! Of course, I am passionate about Cryptshare itself, which we market worldwide as a 'Made in Germany' solution. I am proud to be part of this team and to be able to make a meaningful contribution to security in the digital economy. Cryptshare cares!

Our vision

We strive to enable enterprises to fully realise data's potential value by securing it wherever it needs to go.

Our mission

We enable enterprises worldwide to share valuable information of all types and sizes by providing a secure digital transport service with maximum usability.

We empower them to connect to anyone they need to at any time they want.

About Cryptshare

Owner-managed Cryptshare AG develops and supplies software solutions that help companies support, optimise, and secure their email processes and the handling of large files.

Founded in the year 2000, the company now with over fifty employees has its headquarter and development team located in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. There are sales locations in the UK, US and the Netherlands.

The focus is on Cryptshare, a communication solution for the exchange of sensitive business information. It makes it possible to send and receive emails and large files ad-hoc, securely, easily and at low cost. Cryptshare also offers auditability which helps companies meet compliance rules and regulations. Today more than 2,000 companies with about 4.0 million users in over 80 countries use Cryptshare. This success is underlined by the “Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2017”.