The NSA and other government funded authorities have been discussing how they can work with the encrypted data of private persons and companies. Leaks and spying scandals have increased the awareness for the need to encrypt data and with it greater efforts to secure communications have been made. This in turn makes law enforcement more difficult when it comes to accessing digital data and communications. However the NSA argues that to prevent threats to the nation they need access to all communications. NSA-Director Michael Rogers proposes the solution is to create a master digital key with several different pieces creating "front door“ access to all digital devices for the authorities.

In recent months there have been multiple bugging scandals and security holes identified where private, and often secret information has been leaked falling into the wrong hands or to the media. Private citizens as well as companies are becomimg increasingly sensitised by this. Some software and hardware suppliers have reacted to this by securing their customers‘ data better and whilst this is a welcome development for the customers it also makes law enforcement more difficult.

NSA-Director Michael Rogers proposes that companies offering encryption create a digital master key that needs different parts to work but which can grant access to any device. Rather than the long discussed 'back door' this would be a front door but with multiple locks that can’t be opened by one single person or authority according to Rogers.

Security experts criticise this plan as it includes a built in security hole for digital devices by design from the outset and therefore makes them more vulnerable. Others argue the right to privacy, and the responsibility to meet ever more tough data protection laws. Many outside the USA also raise the unwelcome threat of how national interests could lead to inappropriate use of information secured via this front door access.

While this is currently only a suggestion in the United States it makes it very clear that companies in particular need to take great care of their communication and private data especially when it is passing through public networks. E-Mail and file attachments being exchanged are a common vector of attack where sophisticated methods are used either for profit or to take the control of the data away from the company. E-mail communication and transfer of files should be secured from the sender to the receipient and preferbly not be stored on a remotely located email or cloud server outside of the companies‘ control.

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