The US cloud provider Dropbox has expanded its range of APIs to make it easier for business customers to put files into the Dropbox cloud storage and manage access to the files located there. But is the cloud really the right choice for your business?

Already 100,000 corporate customers are using the Dropbox cloud service - a number that is considered rather extraordinary on this side of the Atlantic, as US cloud services, both consumer grade and corporate, have a chequered reputation with regards to keeping confidential information private. So why do companies decide to risk their data in the cloud despite these known and well publicised risks?

Clearly there are some industry-specific differences with regard to the confidentiality of data, for example a marketing agency that wants to send large image files to a printer so that they can be published would see a lesser risk using a cloud service for this than perhaps a financial services company that wants to exchange confidential documents with its clients.

The attraction of cloud solutions as compared to the on-site operation of functionally equal solutions comes primarily from cost savings: Initial costs such as the purchase of hardware, the purchase of licenses, training of staff and the costs for the initial setup of the software for in house solutions can be high. These and on-going costs such as for maintenance are typically reduced in cloud service offerings through economies of scale.  In addition, cloud services are available for use almost immediately and usually do not need or require a long term commitment but can be rented as needed. These are strong arguments in favor of the concept, but what about this big question mark on the topic of data security?

Cryptshare is a practical alternative to cloud services for securely sending and receiving large files and e-mails across company boundaries. Cryptshare brings the key benefits of cloud services (low cost, ease of use, fast availability), but simultaneously guarantees the protection and full control over all of the data to be transmitted. Cryptshare is not a cloud service, but a business system, allowing companies to keep in control. Cryptshare consistently focuses on minimizing the expenses of the on-site operation but maximises security and compliance with fast changing laws.

A Cryptshare Server can be created and installed as a pre-configured virtual appliance within a few minutes and can instantly be made available to all users in a business and all of their external contacts. Configuration and branding of the user interface to reflect the businesses corporate design is accomplished with no prior training and in just a few minutes, enabling all employees to use the solution they know (e-mail) to communicate securely with any external contacts without file size restrictions and no special training. Cryptshare also offers several APIs that existing business applications such as the ERP can use to automatically send or receive encrypted files via Cryptshare further ensuring privacy.

The costs are low, there is none of the the classic user account management, which typically requires a lot of work for the creation, deletion and resetting of accounts so with Cryptshare businesses can be up and running in minutes and their staff will immediately understand how to work.

To learn more about how Cryptshare makes your business more secure, please contact us!