Cryptshare is now available with a new HTML5 based upload mode. This new mode allows you to transfer files larger than 2 GB without any Java or Flash in your browser. Thus, Cryptshare has become more user friendly and secure than ever.

One of the most important functions of Cryptshare is the ability to transfer files of any size across company borders securely. So far, however, it was required to run a Java applet to send files larger than 2 GB. This requirement does no longer apply as of version 3.9 of the Cryptshare server, which is available now.

For administrators, this eliminates the efforts of installing, maintaining and supporting a Java Runtime Environment on the client side. Users no longer have to wait for the start of the Java Runtime Environment and they are no longer confronted with any warning messages if Java is not active, out of date, the start takes too long or Java is disabled in the browser. As a result, the level of security increases by the complete abandonment of Java or Flash, both of which need to be updated frequently due to security issues being found and fixed. But that's not all – the new HTML5 mode also increases the uploads speed to the Cryptshare server which is an important factor especially for large file transfers.

The new upload mode is available for all current browsers that support HTML5. Currently, these are Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. If users use one of these browsers, Cryptshare will automatically switch to HTML5 mode. Users can add any number of files to a transfer either clicking the "Add Files" button or dragging and dropping files from the file on the button in the web interface.

The transfer modes offered so far (Java Mode and Simple Mode) remain present in the product. So even older browsers can continue to be used with Cryptshare.

The system automatically checks to the best available mode and uses that. If the user does not have an HTML5-capable browser, Cryptshare first tries to use the Java mode. Is this administratively disabled or Java is not present on the client machine, outdated, disabled, or does not start within a reasonable time, the system automatically switches to Simple Mode. In this mode however files larger than 2 GB cannot be sent.

This innovation ensures the highest level of safety, simplicity and interoperability in communication with external contacts.

To learn more about how Cryptshare makes your business more secure, please contact us!