Yesterday a conference concerning the “Digital Agenda" was carried out in Berlin by the German Newspaper “Die Zeit”. In addition to issues such as the digital transformation of enterprises in Germany and the digital infrastructure "as the beating heart of a Revolution" it was also spoken extensively about security in the network.

"Who will make the network free and safe: technology or policy" was the title of this top-class discussion. After the various scandals and affairs around NSA, BND, spied mobile phones and e-mail providers a big point was the encryption of digital communications. Here, the panelists were largely agreed that more needs to be done for the safety of emails.

Weaknesses of solutions such as the German de-Mail standard were addressed and standards such as PGP and S/MIME generally considered useful were criticized for their complicated handling. What we take away from this event is that there is still a lot of action required in politics, business and society to make the Internet and digital communication more secure.

We are delighted that we can make an important contribution with Cryptshare by offering email encryption in a very user-friendly way and in addition to that allow the transport of files that are too large for traditional e-mail systems. Also Cryptshare features protection against viruses and malicious code as well as a high degree of interoperability.

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