Provide the right business tools – or else…

Companies have to pay more attention to the right software for their employees - not only from an employer’s image point of view but also for good economics and legality.

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Security issues leave cloud infrastructure vulnerable

A newly discovered weak spot in the technology used to deliver cloud services enables criminals and governments to access information stored and processed in the cloud.

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Lessons to be learnt from Panama Papers

In times of digital communication and the internet many things have changed in our private and corporate life. Among them is the possibility to gather information and organise and share them internationally in a very short amount of time.

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Digital transformation in public authorities

Writing about cyber espionage these days seems almost needless. Not a single day passes without another report of stolen, lost, or unsecured data somewhere around the world. We live in a digital society and much of our private, public, and corporate communication and data storage happens online.

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How to protect yourself from Ransomware Attacks

A recent worldwide wave of encryption-trojans like “Locky” and “TeslaCrypt” have been keeping companies, private users and the entire security industry on their toes. Experts like the German Federal Office for Information Security (the “BSI”) are now providing recommendations on how to protect private and business data. We have collected some of these recommendations and added our own.

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Risk of unsecured login at „E-Mail made in Germany“

The German initiative “E-mail made in Germany” promises encrypted e-mail communication for everyone. Yet when users are not aware of it there is a risk of their communication not being completely secured.

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New version of the German data retention law decided and pronounced

Against great criticism from politicians and the society the German government has decided on the remake of the data retention law.

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AT&T gave NSA access to billions of emails

In the United States many tech-companies declare themselves against the mass surveillance attempts of various agencies. Sometimes, however, the help of just one company is all that’s needed.

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What happened to the German project DE-Mail?

A group of delegates was wondering the same and asked the German federal government about the state of it. The answers they got support the impression that the officials could be equally unsure of the future success.

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Why We Encrypt – Bruce Schneier‘s Manifest

With governments from various countries and parts of the world trying to push back against encryption it’s important to be reminded of why private citizens, companies, journalists and organisations would want to encrypt their data and communication. Security expert Bruce Schneier summarises the different reasons in a recent post on his blog.

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