Exciting news from befine Solutions AG. With the launch of Cryptshare.express, there is now an immediately accessible and convenient solution for securing e-mail communication and fulfilling central GDPR requirements for smaller businesses with up to 25 users. With Cryptshare.express, the transfer of sensitive information is no longer a barrier and access is immediate now that signing on and set up only take a few seconds, then you are good to go!

When it comes to the exchange of confidential information, small businesses face precisely the same problems as big corporations but with fewer resources to overcome the challenges. How can large files and email be shared with the people you work with in a safe and simple way? E-mail is the first choice for most as virtually everyone uses it.
However, with regular e-mail there is no encryption and large files are limited due to file size restrictions. It is very easy for third parties to read e-mails, manipulate them or intercept them which is often a leverage point for social engineering or industrial espionage, and whilst email is convenient it has never faced bigger threats. So how can small businesses overcome this and at the same time comply with the central requirements of GDPR?

Ready to use in just a few seconds

At the end of 2018 Cryptshare launched a new platform for securing business communication, tailor-made for the needs of small business customers of up to 25 e-mail users, Cryptshare.express. With Cryptshare.express, they can now protect their e-mail communication effectively, benefitting from the same level of security as our 4 million satisfied users. E-mails can be sent encrypted and attachments of any kind up to 2 GB can be sent with each transfer. The Cryptshare web application, Cryptshare for Office 365 & Outlook, and the continuously developing Cryptshare software are included. For Cryptshare.express, ease of use is paramount: Setting it up is a snap and only takes a few seconds. Signing up can be done directly by the customer (no middleman required) and the process is fully automated. All that is needed to use Cryptshare.express is a regular e-mail address and a web browser. Users do not require additional training and can start working with it from the get-go. 

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Great security for a small fee

Aside from the clear benefit of greater security, what happens when technical barriers such as files being too large get in the way? What kinds of things do people do? Is the file copied or burnt onto an external drive and then sent via mail or in very urgent cases, does it necessitate using the services of a courier to deliver the data?  These are financial costs that can easily be avoided with Cryptshare.express. File attachments of up to 2 GB can be sent instantly and securely with just a few clicks and without having to employ any expensive detours or makeshift solutions. All of this is now available at a price of €5 per user per month – cheaper than a Caffè Mocha venti at Starbucks!

100% Made in Germany

Since Cryptshare.express is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) product for the secure transfer of data, it can be used without the need for one’s own IT infrastructure. All data shared is only held encrypted and it is never archived or available to anybody but those whom you specify, meaning it will never result in a data graveyard. Data is irrevocably deleted after a time period set by the sender – or after ten days at the latest. As a SaaS solution with cloud services in Germany, applicable German data protection regulations, some of the most stringent in the world, are in effect. Security and data protection – 100% Made in Germany

More ease of use with browser plug-ins

For users, Cryptshare.express is at their service at any time as it offers several browser integration options. This means the secure exchange of data is just one click away! Popular browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox are supported and others are to follow, making e-mail communication easier than ever before!

Cryptshare.express usable on the go

Cryptshare.express is also available ad hoc on mobile devices. So if users on their way to a business meeting realise that they forgot to send important documents via e-mail, they can send them securely and quickly with Cryptshare.express. Secure e-mail communication, convenient and on the go.

Business is booming and you’ve become too big for Cryptshare.express? No problem!

Cryptshare is a flexible product that focuses on our customers’ needs and it is designed to grow with them. Once a business develops more specialised needs and requires a more customised approach, typically above 25 users or when larger files need to be sent, an in-house installation is an easy follow-up step allowing many customized options such as longer retention period for documents, data classification tools, customized policies, and use monitoring to mention a few. Cryptshare can be easily upgraded to the respective Cryptshare product that best fits customers’ needs.

For small businesses, Cryptshare.express opens up a whole new potential for secure e-mail communication. Now there is an affordable solution to secure e-mail and fulfill central GDPR requirements, both while saving costs. Cryptshare.express – a great investment for security.

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