Security issues leave cloud infrastructure vulnerable

A newly discovered weak spot in the technology used to deliver cloud services enables criminals and governments to access information stored and processed in the cloud.

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Lessons to be learnt from Panama Papers

In times of digital communication and the internet many things have changed in our private and corporate life. Among them is the possibility to gather information and organise and share them internationally in a very short amount of time.

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Digital transformation in public authorities

Writing about cyber espionage these days seems almost needless. Not a single day passes without another report of stolen, lost, or unsecured data somewhere around the world. We live in a digital society and much of our private, public, and corporate communication and data storage happens online.

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A vulnerability named "Drown" affects numerous web servers. Please check your Cryptshare Server!

The DROWN (Decrypting RSA using Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption) vulnerability (CVE-2016-0800) not only affects systems using SSLv2. Even servers that are equipped with a certificate, which uses the same private key that has been used to create certificates for other web servers accessible via SSLv2 are at risk.

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How to protect yourself from Ransomware Attacks

A recent worldwide wave of encryption-trojans like “Locky” and “TeslaCrypt” have been keeping companies, private users and the entire security industry on their toes. Experts like the German Federal Office for Information Security (the “BSI”) are now providing recommendations on how to protect private and business data. We have collected some of these recommendations and added our own.

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Fix for security vulnerability CVE-2015-7547 in glibc is now available for Cryptshare.

A fix for the security vulnerability CVE-2015-7547 in the glibc library is now available for Cryptshare Appliances and will be deployed in the night from Feb. 19th to 20th.

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Security vulnerability in glibc library affects all Linux systems, inluding Cryptshare.

A severe security vulnerability with the ID CVE-2015-7547 affects all Linux systems, including Cryptshare Appliances and potentially Cryptshare Servers that have been installed manually on Linux operating systems.

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Safe-Harbour successor terms are agreed yet raising criticism

While the EU commission and US-Officials announce the new “EU-US-Privacy Shield” as a break through, it hasn’t even been written down officially and is already being criticised from many sides.

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EU: New data protection rules coming in 2018

As expected, it took a couple of years until the EU-commission, the European Parliament and the member states finally agreed on a new European Data Protection Regulation (EDPR). And it will apparently take until 2018 for it to become effective. However, it is a welcome development that it has come so far and now seems to be almost done. Almost.

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Why there is too little e-mail encryption

Everyone is talking about it: politicians and law enforcement would like to limit if not abandon it; privacy groups and companies see it as more and more important: the encryption of e-mails.

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