Die wichtigsten IT Messen in Norddeutschland auf einen Blick

Jetzt Termin mit einem Cryptshare-Experten vereinbaren!

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Why privacy is a challenge in the health care sector

The digitization of the economy is in full swing and does not hold back for the health care system at all. Hospitals, doctors' surgeries, health insurance companies and physiotherapists face two huge challenges: How can they comply with data protection guidelines and how can they protect themselves effectively against cyber-attacks?

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Cryptshare wins Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2017

And the winner is… Cryptshare! We were very proud to be nominated for an award in Silicon Valley, the home of technology, and to win it, we are thrilled. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are known around the world and here in our home market Germany, so thanks to all who voted for us.

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European Data Protection Day and Data Privacy Day in the USA and Canada

picture of data protection day

My private data belongs to me! The 28th January 2017 is a special day. It was established to remind us how important data protection is. Organisations in America, Canada and in the EU undertake various actions to contribute to this remembrance.

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Cyber crime, misinformation, spying actions

Review of digital communication in 2016 - preview of developments in 2017. We communicate in private and business, face-to-face, in writing, by telephone and digitally. We use various communication channels without thinking much about it. But not quite!

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More surveillance and less data protection in the name of internal security and economic interests

What are the effects of the Trump election and the TiSA negotiations on digital communication?

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Significance of secure data transfer for German energy suppliers increases

German energy suppliers have been declared as operators of critical infrastructures since the summer of 2015. According to the IT-Security Law they must send data via a secure connection.

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Seven things you should consider when choosing a new software tool

Companies often focus too much on single functions when investing in new technology. Our graphic shows you which points to check before going for it...

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Provide the right business tools – or else…

Companies have to pay more attention to the right software for their employees - not only from an employer’s image point of view but also for good economics and legality.

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Cryptshare for Outlook on Product Hunt

Great news! We are suggested on the influential platform Product Hunt! Please help us by upvoting and sharing it.

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