Cryptshare goes west – Subsidiary, Cryptshare Inc. founded in the USA

Cryptshare is used in more than 30 countries. Over 2.5 million users work with our software and the number increases every day. The rise in demand and in user numbers required us to hire more staff and find new ways for day to day activities over the entire company.

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Cryptshare Version 3.12 released

More comfort for admins, even more security and an even better audit trail when exchanging data for your users. Cryptshare version 3.12. offers a new modern interface and fresh features that make our communication solution even more performant and powerful.

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From zero to one hundred in three seconds - the future of the German automotive industry (3/3)

European companies are investing heavily in digital innovation - more than their American counterparts. This is the result of an independent study in which over 500 executives from different sectors were interviewed. A particularly strong innovation driver is the German automotive industry, which, through the acquisition of IT companies and through new partnerships, is setting the pace for innovation for their industry.

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The weakest link in the (production) chain (2/3)

Your IT and production infrastructure is up-to-date and protected? Congratulations! But your company is still miles away from being safe. Dangers lurk outside the company network but also inside. Unwittingly, employees regularly provide sensitive company information on request. Employees are the greatest threat to data leaks in the company. But we all know this, right?

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Data security in mechanical engineering means production safety (1/3)

What do Renault, Nissan and Honda have in common? Right, all three companies were affected by the Ransomware WannaCry. Although the issue of cybersecurity has been on corporate executives’ minds for some time now and they allocate an average of 10% of their IT budgets on IT security, companies still need to deal with security incidents - also the big ones.

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Important IT security-related topics with regard to the upcoming German election

Germany will elect a new government on 24th September 2017. The IT Security Association Germany (TeleTrusT) has asked its members including executives and employees of the IT security industry which IT security-relevant topics the parties should address with regard to the election in autumn.


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After the attack is before the attack: a report on cyber security in Germany

Today we deliver a summary of the results of a Cyber ​​Security Survey carried out in late 2016 in Germany and regard it against the background of the latest Ransomware attack. The results may be relevant for other European countries, too.


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New Ransomware WannaCry attacks computers worldwide

200,000 computer systems worldwide have been put out of action since Friday 12th May by a Ransomware named "WannaCry". The attack appears to have stopped for the time being. However, security experts expect further attacks by the same malicious software in a slightly modified variant.

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The EU Data Protection Regulation: 6 questions, 6 answers.

Today, we briefly and concisely discuss an overview of the Who - How - Where - What - When - Why of the General Data Protection Regulation. Below in the article, the interested reader can find additional information on the European Data Protection Regulation (1).

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Why IT admins can save lives in the future: IT security in healthcare (2/2)

Computers down? Patient reports are handed over personally. Back to the hospital of the 1980s. Inconceivable? In fact a hospital in Germany had to change its mode of operation last year, after its network was paralysed by the Trojan, Locky. The malicious software was smuggled in by an infected e-mail attachment and encrypted all data, making the digital exchange of patient data impossible.

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