in Softshell Vendor Report 2017

Befine Solutions achieved a very good score in the Softshell Vendor Report 2017. Softshell, a Munich-based value-added distributor of cybersecurity solutions, produced its third report on the market presence of cyber-security solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Cryptshare was included for the first time and was rated with a score of 9.41 out of ten points. This was the highest ranking and was only achieved by four of the 1,279 companies surveyed.

The ranking is calculated based on the average scores in nine categories. For example, Softshell verifies whether the solution’s user interface and technical support are available in German and whether the company has salespeople, resellers and distributors in the German-speaking countries. In that way, Softshell estimates how effectively a provider can meet the requirements of its customers in that region.

  • the information about Befine Solutions can be found here
  • the Softshell Vendor Report 2017 can be downloaded here