How it started

Befine was founded in 2000, a specialist software developer working on behalf of blue chip corporate clients. Over the years a number of solutions developed for one client were found to be useful to others with modest changes or simple customisation. This allowed the team to meet requirements of many clients by utilising re-usable, stable, scalable and effective solutions to complex problems.

We believe we can solve the problems that others cannot, and so that is what we do.

The development of Cryptshare

Cryptshare was shipped to first customers in 2007 immediately leading to requests from others to buy a licence. The problems of the ad hoc exchange of large files and securing email were quickly identified as a more universal problem in large and small companies across all industries.

Feedback from the market and a strong belief in the team helped define a product roadmap specifying the additional features required by this now fast growing group of customers. Ease of use, strong encryption, frequent updating, sophisticated management, configuration and policy control tools and the ability to communicate with other applications via a simple API and much more have been added, with patents pending for key innovations.

2.5 m

satisfied users worldwide

in 30


1.000 +

Corporate customers

100 %

Made in Germany

Cryptshare today

Customer numbers have grown rapidly since 2010 with resellers appointed in many countries enabling sales to accelerate quickly. Investment in the team has allowed more specialised development of the roadmap, greater technical support and dedicated product management as well as much more sales and marketing activity with customers in 30 countries, and more than 2.5 million licenced users so far.

Dominik Lehr, CEO of befine Solutions

Dominik Lehr

CEO of Befine Solutions AG

Mark Forrest, CEO of befine Solutions

Mark Forrest

CEO of Befine Solutions AG

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